“Why am I here?”
A question I struggle with
in almost every breath.
Not in a depressed,
suicidal way.
But a “bigger-than-life,
what’s my bigger purpose”
sort of way.
At my core I believe
in the greater good.
A kindness in human kind.
But when I look around,
all I witness is animosity.
A divisiveness so deep;
black or white, red or blue, left or right.
All I want is for folks to see
beauty in gray or purple or the middle.
And God, it’s hard to believe
when your truths are written by man
and I have to choose which book.
But what if there isn’t a text
or map to my path paved by love.
And what if
I’d be damned to follow
even if there was.
Because again, man wrote it
and every man has flaws
no matter his intentions.
I am so tired of traveling the highway
because I’m not forging your way.
It’s so hard to sing praise
when my heart beats to a different drum.
I despise labels almost as much as war.
Because that’s where it all starts.
A this or that, rather than
coexistence, acceptance,
and celebration.
My wish for mankind
is for different beliefs
to synchronize
without fear of dissolution.
My wish is for every man
to live his life best for himself
without being scorned.
Why is it so hard
to agree to disagree?
Why is it so hard
for kindness to win?

Photo by Chris Curry on Unsplash

Posted in Poetry

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