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A story to share

Day 26, Sunday:¬†Something you read online. Leave a link and discuss, if you’d like. Read this story and watch this video. It is 22 minutes you won’t regret viewing it. I came across this young man’s, Zach Sobiech’s, music a

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Favorite poem: Giant Saint Everything

GIANT SAINT EVERYTHING August 06, 2005 There were days I wanted out. But then You would go and do things like dive into the Vancouver ocean, big brilliant cliché poem that You are, water rolling off Your back as You

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Loyalty and Vulnerability

One evening about a month ago, I asked a close friend to name a strength of mine. His response? Compassion. “Compassion is the virtue of empathy for the suffering of others. It is regarded as a fundamental part of human

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Sometimes song lyrics are exactly what you need.

Bed of Lies – Matchbox 20 No I would not sleep in this bed of lies So toss me out and turn in And there’ll be no rest for these tired eyes I’m marking it down to learning I am

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A Disease called “Perfection”

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Hilarious dream last night…

Dream begins like so… Dad’s side of family was over. It was early spring, right when all the snow was melting & our neighborhood was flooding, including one half of our house. Everyone was in living room, while I was

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