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2019, I bid you ado

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Another year has come and gone and I am ready to bid it ado. To say 2019 was a rough year for me would be an understatement — 2019 was one of the most emotionally tolling years of my adult life.

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I want to be brave

I want to be brave.

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Cancer and all the things that go with it

My mom’s cancer this time feels different. I am not sure I worry any more or any less — but watching a parent go through cancer affects you differently as an adult than as a child. I often relive the fear and concern I had as a child, watching my mom and family experience cancer and all the things that go with it: hair loss, doctors appointments, missing activities because she isn’t feeling well, and the overall fatigue that takes over her body.

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Magical fairydust: “So this is love, so this is what makes life divine.”

As someone who holds independence and alone time on the highest level. And as someone who used to consider herself a non-mushy, non-romantic, PDA hater. As someone who built walls to hide and protect her heart. Someone who kept her

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It’s always darkest before the dawn

Today I faced reality, and did something I never foreseen coming. I let truths escape my lips that I have denied for months, for years. And once those words, once buried deep in my heart, hidden deep in my mind,

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Ten Things of Thankful – Week 4

This week was a short work week, and kinda a hassle and very emotional, but as we start a new week, this weekend was a wonderful surprise and blessing. So I am THANKFUL I can reflect and share the positives

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Ten Things of Thankful – Week 3

I am super late on this post — it was a crazy, crazy weekend — and without a computer handy. So I will just cut to the chase. I am thankful for the wedding I was the Maid of Honor

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Ten Things of Thankful – Week 2 (for me)

While I came on board on week six of Ten Things of Thankful, for me, I am only on week two. So I will be numbering my weeks as it pertains to my weeks. It was another crazy week, including

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Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Better

“Sometimes it’s easier to hit the road When the world is givin’ you a heavy load But if you stay and face it, I know… Tomorrow is gonna be better.” – Joshua Radin So, if you cannot tell by the

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A sense of simplicity and belonging

So I realized it has been a while. I have been busy, planning events and worrying endlessly about my tooth. It is time for one implant. That happens tomorrow. While I look forward to the pain being gone, I worry

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Ten Things of Thankful
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