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A to Z: “Angel of Mine”

Welcome to my 2017 A to Z Challenge – poetry inspired by music. In most cases, my selected song triggers a memory or deeper meaning that I will expose in original poetry. Of course, there may be the occasional non-nostalgic song thrown into the mix that just inspires me to write. Either way, join me on my musical/poetic journey through A to Z — you may find a “new to you” song that you enjoy!

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A to Z 2014: Unknown

Some of the wisest quotes and sayings are by authors we do not know. But that, of course, doesn’t make them any less valid or important. So in this post, I am sharing some of the great ones I have come across — to give these unknown voices another chance to inspire, motivate and encourage all those who read.

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Ten Things of Thankful – Week Fourteen

This week went well. Nothing overly exciting, but nothing bad either. I am feeling rather sleepy, and maybe a bit under the weather, so I will get this show on the road. On Monday, we went to Jak’s grandma’s again.

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Magical fairydust: “So this is love, so this is what makes life divine.”

As someone who holds independence and alone time on the highest level. And as someone who used to consider herself a non-mushy, non-romantic, PDA hater. As someone who built walls to hide and protect her heart. Someone who kept her

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Ten Things of Thankful – Week 5

This week was a doozy. One of those weeks where you are pretty sure you went to hell and came back. Having those experiences, do test your strength and willpower, and inevitably, make you a stronger person. But while you

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Ten Things of Thankful – Week 4

This week was a short work week, and kinda a hassle and very emotional, but as we start a new week, this weekend was a wonderful surprise and blessing. So I am THANKFUL I can reflect and share the positives

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Ten Things of Thankful – Week 3

I am super late on this post — it was a crazy, crazy weekend — and without a computer handy. So I will just cut to the chase. I am thankful for the wedding I was the Maid of Honor

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Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Better

“Sometimes it’s easier to hit the road When the world is givin’ you a heavy load But if you stay and face it, I know… Tomorrow is gonna be better.” – Joshua Radin So, if you cannot tell by the

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Sharing a favorite

This is one of my favorites. I connected with this piece when I was going through a hard time, as parts of it reminded me of my own mother. Watch the video and read it because both are a little

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A story to share

Day 26, Sunday:┬áSomething you read online. Leave a link and discuss, if you’d like. Read this story and watch this video. It is 22 minutes you won’t regret viewing it. I came across this young man’s, Zach Sobiech’s, music a

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