Celebrating Six Years of Thankfuls

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Ten Things of Thankful (TToT) is a weekly blog hop started by the lovely Lizzi Lewis over at Considerings as an effort to call out and feature ten silver linings in your life each week. This week TToT celebrated its sixth birthday. I first heard about TToT from Jak over at The Cryton Chronicles and joined for the first time on July 14, 2013. I guess you could say I was a part of TToT’s “First Class” and stuck with it for nearly a year until my last participation on June 29, 2014. Now this fabulous blog hop not only has its own blog presence but it also has a Facebook group with over 140 members. How cool is that?

I am not really sure why I stopped, to be honest. I am what you call an occasional blogger. I blog in waves — often disappearing for months or even years before popping back in, but once I heard about the big TToT birthday event, I felt inclined to link up one more time.

And so, without further ado…

  1. TToT friendships. Thinking of TToT brought back some wonderful memories this week. Those of us who participated in that first year became a family – so much so, we would find times that worked for all of us to not only blog together, but to virtually connect via video conference or online chat regularly. Since I first heard of this blog hop in my early days of my relationship with Jak, we would call into these meetings together to find Lizzi, Clark, Zoe, Christine or Kristi already on the line. These calls were to check in on one another and to basically shoot the shit. I fondly recall an enjoyable video chat when Jak and I were hanging out at a Barnes and Noble and we kept getting side glances because of our laughter. Even after I stopped doing the blog hop, I added many of these friends on Facebook and have even managed to keep in touch with a couple over the years.
  2. Anniversaries. In theme with #1 and thinking of memories associated with this blog hop and the friends I have met along the way, I am also cognitive that when I joined TToT, I also had just started dating Jak. Six years later, not only is TToT celebrating, but come this September, Jak and I will also be celebrating six years together. Also this week, I celebrated four years at my job — my second longest place of employment. Lots of anniversaries to celebrate!
  3. GSD. Aside from my work anniversary, work has been a bit underwhelming for me lately. While it’s always busy, I have been feeling a bit lackluster about it. One thing that went particularly well this week was that I got a lot of shit done and met most of my deliverable due dates for the week, so by the time Friday afternoon hit, I didn’t feel bad logging off an hour early.
  4. Gathering. Last fall I bought my first house and today I hosted people for the first time for a friend’s bridal shower! I was a bit nervous because it is a smaller house and we’re still getting settled in and buying all of the furniture we need. But I didn’t need to worry — I got many compliments on the house and my friends agreed that it was comfortable and pleasant.
  5. Friends. I co-hosted the party today with two of my closest friends from high school, and am so glad we were able to work together to cohost a great event.
  6. Natural cleaning products. In preparation for the shower today, I spent all of yesterday cleaning the house. As someone who is super sensitive to strong cleaning products, I use vinegar/water, Norwex rags and cleaning paste to clean my home. Not only is it better for the environment, but it also leaves me headache-free.
  7. Crookshanks. Crookshanks is our 13 year old cat who is set in his ways so I was worried about how he would act today during the party. I was worried that either he would be 1) super needy/whiny because it was the two hours before he gets fed (and he starts being super annoying in those two hours), 2) nervous around all of the new people or 3) jump up on the food table. To my pleasant surprise, he was so well-behaved and honestly a star of the day. He welcomed all of the pets he got and people gushed about how beautiful he is.
  8. Nice weather. I live in Minnesota and we had a verrrry long winter and essentially no spring this year. We got snow in early May and it then rained or was gloomy/cold the rest the month. This week was the first week that we had a nice mix of warmer temps, thunderstorms and sunshine. All of my favorite types of weather in one week!
  9. Central AC. After living several years in apartments with either no AC or a single window unit, I am thankful for how well our 30+ year old Central AC works. I knock on wood every time I say that because of its age, but am hopeful to get at least another year out of it. I was especially thankful for it yesterday as temps reached near 90 degrees with high humidity so that I could clean the house without overheating.
  10. Close to home. When I bought my house, I moved back to the neighborhood I grew up in and where my parents still live. My house is 8 blocks from my parents’ house and have found it has been more a blessing than anything. As I prepared to host my first party, my mom called to remind me I could use anything she had just in case. She then called me today and asked how the party went and if I had any yard waste to get rid of because if so, my dad would swing by on Tuesday on his way to the recycling plant. Just reminds me that no matter how old I get, I will always appreciate the help my parents have to offer.

How was your week? Have you participated in TToT before? If so, how long?

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18 comments on “Celebrating Six Years of Thankfuls
  1. Finding Ninee says:

    FRIST!!! 🙂
    Frist and first, I love your list but wow, did you ever bring me back to vidchats and wow! Jak! I was wondering during this six year hop and huge congratulations that you’ve been together for six years now! We may need to do a reunion vid chat… seriously, right? I’m glad your move is good and homey and that your parents are right there to help out with the before and after of a party! I moved (back) to Colorado and WOW this winter. I know it’s one of the bad ones (and remember years growing up here where it only snowed a few times) but it snowed in May! Gah. We went camping last night in 77 degrees (at 9,100 feet) and this morning there was drizzle and ice on our tent. It was just above 30. So fun to “see” you again!

  2. Finding Ninee says:

    PS please tell Jak hi! 🙂

    • kborman says:

      Aww, yay! Yes, I had many fond memories and yes, a reunion vid chat would be fun. I just told Jak hi from you as we’re sitting across the living room from each other.

      This winter was a doozy for sure. Even today it reached only 60 degrees and was drizzling all day. I mean, I’ll take it but sheesh!

      It has been far too long – maybe I won’t be such a stranger. 🙂

  3. clark says:

    I remember that vid chat!
    (lol… I am too fond of saying that there is virtually* no difference between friendships in the virtual world and the ‘real’ world because of that statement.
    (Acceptable variation includes: “remember that time that (fill in name) did (fill in act) while we (all the rest of the names). It was (great/so funny/cool/a wonder we didn’t get busted).
    Good to ‘see’ you again.
    * ha ha

    • kborman says:

      Thanks, Clark! Good to hop on over to the TToT again. Yes, I agree there is no difference between virtual and real — they’re all reality to me!

  4. Kristi says:

    I’m so glad you joined us this week! What a fun reunion it has been! I’m glad that things have been going so well for you –congrats to you and Jak on your own upcoming 6th! How nice that you live so close to your parents. We moved closer to my in-laws and it is nice to have family close enough to get together often.

    • kborman says:

      It is so nice to be closer to home again and thanks so much for the congrats. All of a sudden I was looking at dates from my first few TToT posts and doing the math and I was like … wait these dates all align around the same time.

  5. Lizzi says:

    HEYYYYY!!!! You’ve made it back in as well! This really is a celebration of all the old gang! I remember you and Jak taking us on your outings in the vidchat – there were a lot of restaurants as I recall!

    Glad your hosting went well, and Crookshanks behaved! Sounds like it all went swimmingly. Good for you – totally with you on the hostess anxiety!!!

    Great to see you here for the big ‘do!

    • kborman says:

      Yes! I was just thinking about that — how we’d usually be driving around looking for dinner when it was time for the video chat. So many good times.

      Yes, I am so glad it went well, especially since I only knew half of the people in attendance – you just never quite know what may come up in those situations.

      Good to be back and maybe I’ll even do another one now and again. 🙂

  6. Hi! This was so fun to read, I immediately connected with your comments on living in Minnesota. I grew up in South Dakota, and my family all still resides there and in the Minneapolis area. Yes, your Winter made it all the way into late May this year! They laugh at me when I now complain about it being “cold” here when the temps dip into the low 40’s. 🙂 I can also relate to cats that have internal supper clocks with early alarms. I have five of them! I am delighted that your party went well, and I congratulate you on your relationship and the new house, milestones that you will always look back on and remember fondly! It is true that some wonderful friendships have been formed thru the TToT, and although I often wonder away from blogging too, it is so fun to come back and find the same genuine welcoming bunch of folks. I think we should show up more often! 🙂

    • kborman says:

      Josie, thanks so much for stopping by!

      Yes our winter was sooo long this year. I didn’t put my snow boots away until nearly Memorial Day, just in case. If it wasn’t snow it was sleet or hail. Ugh!

      For instance, even today is cloudy and cool, with high of like 61 but I am too stubborn to have it be that way so while I have jeans on, I definitely still sporting my flip flops and a tee.

      Our cat is a stinker. He’s so set in his ways so I thought for sure the party would put him in a sour mood. But he totally surprised us and I wonder if he is secretly an extrovert!

      Yes, this year has been a year of many milestones to look back on. I really do hope I make an appearance on TToT more often..it is such a good exercise to do!

  7. Lisa Tomey says:

    Nice to meet you! I’ve been at this a few months and loving it!

  8. Pat Brockett says:

    Having central AC surely must be a blessing especially when experiencing high temperatures and high humidity.
    I recently attended a Norwex party. I had not heard of the company before that, but I have used fiber cloths for years.
    Your parents probably enjoy having you live so close to them.
    How nice that you were able to buy your first home and are getting settled in.

  9. dyannedillon says:

    Kate! So glad you joined in, and I hope you will do so more often! I always love your writing! I remember how you and Jak had just started dating when the TToT started. How great that your parents are close by and can help you when you need it! And cheers that you entertained guests without having a Dammit Crooks moment!

    • kborman says:

      I knooooow, I should definitely hop over again more often. Also – maybe try out the Finish Sentence Friday — sounds intriguing!

      I was soo glad Crooks was so well behaved and hasn’t been too influenced by Nora — seeing how Finn and Lewis have been learning from her, I KNOW things could be a lot worse. 😛

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