A to Z: “Zombie”

“Z” Inspiration: “Zombie” by The Cranberries

We’ve been in war my entire adult life,
I don’t know it any other way.
Fighting against political terror and strife;
we all know that’s just what they say.
We’re untouched, protected and safe,
only the price of milk and gas increase.
But over there, that’s not the case.
Children hold hands of the deceased.
Police roam the streets
and their buildings collapse.
All they want is peace,
but our men keep setting traps.
Is this how life is supposed to be?
All this fighting, hurt and pain?
Life ruled by power and greed?
I think in the end, we’re all mistaken.

Had you seen the “Zombie” music video before, or really listen to its words? I had not, and so I decided to look it up once I saw the video — such a political song about the struggles/terrors of fighting for independence and freedom.

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