A to Z: “Waterfalls”

“W” Inspiration: “Waterfalls” by TLC

How could I be so delusional?
Glossed every night was so fuckin’ juvenile.
I didn’t listen when you told me to slow down.
Speeds reaching 100 as I cruised around town.
All it took was one tight turn and my car flipped.
Now I’m just laying here, waiting to die in the ditch.

My mind is awake but my body is still.
I can’t say goodbye; I can’t leave a will.
All I want is to call my mom, hold her tight
and turn all my wrongdoings right.
But my lungs are closing up, I can hardly breathe.
I’m losing consciousness, just let me sleep.

Now I watch my loved ones mourn my loss
They pray for my soul, kneeling at the cross.
Life is a gift, but I thought I was invincible.
I was foolish; my choices were irreversible.
My life is gone, but perhaps I can help save another.
Maybe I can inspire a friend, a brother or a mother.

We all make bad decisions, is there one you wish you could take back? Or is there one that nearly risked your life/was almost too close of a call?

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