A to Z: “Underwater”

“U” Inspiration: “Underwater” by Joshua Radin

There’s only one place where I can go
to hear those wet bristles sing sweet melodies
as they dance across the canvas.
Where splashes of color swirl the water
like sunbeams hitting stained glass.
Where all worries and concerns are left at the door.
Where there is no time, no hurry.
There’s only one place where I can go
to outshine the day’s chaos
as it seeps through the cracks.
Where light cascades windows of inspiration
like the waves crashing on the ocean.
Where creativity ricochets off the walls.
Where there is no limit, no boundary.

Where mistakes are welcomed
as opportunities to try again.

Do you have a place where you go or activity that you do where the rest of the world just seems to silence? Where you gain inspiration and clarity?

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2 comments on “A to Z: “Underwater”
  1. pempispalace says:

    I think I prefer the company of friends to being alone to battle with any demons/problems – so a nice walk outdoors please 🙂 Lovely to meet via the A-Z Challenge.

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