A to Z: “Slow Down Gandhi”

“S” Inspiration: “Slow Down Gandhi” by Sage Francis

Been here for over 200 years
yet the freedoms we fought for
remain a mystery.
He preached today’s realities.
Nothing has changed; we’ve always been
numbers of social security.
“Protect and serve”
are just words on a contract
until we lose a life of a citizen.
We stand by for martial law;
it’s no emergency,
we’re guilty until proven innocent.
And we’re supposed to trust
those who spy on us?
Robbing us of our liberties
through wire taps and cameras.
Just think of all
the endless possibilities.
Who are we kidding?
When did being patriotic
become a vessel
for infiltrating and lining
politicians’ checkbooks?
Going to war is now successful.
The entire system is built
to brainwash the defenseless,
use pride to manipulate their dreams
into serving the most selfish nation.
And if they come back alive,
we repay their services with PTSD.
The eagle’s wings are not left or right.
They’re all on the same mission
to create a New World,
where wanting health care
and a living wage
are requests of the disturbed.
So no, forgive me if I don’t cross
my hand over my heart
to praise a flag that insists
that taking the life of another
is not the same as
cutting our own goddamn wrists.

Have you heard “Slow Down Gandhi” before? If not, have you heard of any other music by Sage Francis? What resonated with you in the song and/or poem?

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