A to Z: “Giant Saint Everything”

“G” Inspiration: “Giant Saint Everything” by Buddy Wakefield.

i wanted to love you forever
to proclaim that love
up on an altar
to the heavens
and to the heathens.
to all those who doubted
and stood in the way.
i gave you all of myself
the jagged edges
the sunny flowers
and my darkest secrets.
i’d make you your favorite
dessert on your birthday
and bought you books
on how to cook your favorite meal.
and i sent you money in the mail
when you couldn’t pay your bills
even when i had less than $100
in my own account.
i bought clothes for your kid
with the intent to love her like my own.
i gave up habits and activities
just to fit into the life you wanted.
i kept bending and breaking
promises to others
just so i could keep a promise to you.

and even still, that wasn’t enough.

you wanted more.
more than what i could give
more than i had.
and i had to let you go.

i instead made a promise
right then and there,
a promise to love myself.
to find myself and to never let go.
because in the end
that’s all that really matters.
i need to love myself for forever.

I switched it up a bit and chose spoken word over music today. Buddy Wakefield is one of my all time favorite poets/spoken word artists. Have you ever heard anything by Buddy Wakefield? If not, I highly encourage you to check out his work! 

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2 comments on “A to Z: “Giant Saint Everything”
  1. Jak says:

    I thought I heard you listening to this the other day! But I was like… well, that’s not really a song per se… lol The entire time seeing this heading/title I was thinking I hadn’t heard your selection, but obviously I have 🙂 Always great, even if I never remembered the name.

    And that is a powerful, heart-wrenching poem. But the final promise made is the most important of all.

    • kborman says:

      You did hear me listen to it! Strays a little off the theme, but some of his work is more musical than others Unfortunately this is not once of them, but gosh, I do love his work. I would love to see him live.

      Part of me wonders if I took some classes and really honed my poetry if I could ever get to a point where I could do spoken word. It would force me out of my comfort zone, for sure, but I think I would like it. It would bring together poetry and theater for me.

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