A to Z: “Fix You”

“F” Inspiration: “Fix You” by Coldplay


It’s like trying to navigate
your bedroom in the dark.
You know where the furniture is
but you stub your big toe every time.
It’s like studying
all night for that big exam.
You know you’ll ace the test
but then you oversleep and miss class.
It’s like catching a break
with a pay raise at work.
You can finally pay off your loan
but then your car breaks down.
You almost succeed
but every time it’s one step forward
and two steps back.
And you can’t seem to get ahead.
But you cannot give up.
I won’t let you stop.
I promise,
I’ll catch you.

What is your favorite Coldplay song? “Fix You” is definitely one of mine. (And you better not say none, because I bet there is AT LEAST ONE Coldplay song you like. They have so many! 😝)

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6 comments on “A to Z: “Fix You”
  1. Miss Andi says:

    This is great, thank you for sharing. I haven’t listened to Coldplay in too long, it was really nice to hear this song again. And your poem is amazing, really loved the examples you used there.

    • kborman says:

      Thank you! I hadn’t listened to Coldplay in a long time and then we listened to a playlist awhile back ago on YouTube and I was reminded of how many great songs they have. And thank you for your compliments on my poem.

  2. Loved this! A beautiful reminder to keep going and not give up!


  3. Jak says:

    It’s kind of sick how much I like Coldplay after how much crap I’d give people in the past for liking them lol All because of that one song in a movie I really liked. “Clocks” I believe and it’s still my favorite, although I really like The Scientist a lot too!

    Great poem. I especially liked the end 🙂

    • kborman says:

      I must say, your story of your hate against Coldplay does make me laugh. Their music is so versatile, that there’s basically something for everyone. I do love “The Scientist” as well.

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