A to Z: “Dear Mama”


“D” Inspiration: “Dear Mama” by 2Pac


Ever since a little girl
there was nothing that could become
between me and my mama.
After days of turmoil and drama
she’d share prayers and words of wisdom
while pinning my hair into curls.

From naps and cuddles
to Saturday morning breakfasts,
my mama was my rock.
She’d listen, as I would talk
rejecting both band and gymnastics
but decided on canvases and easels.

As I aged, our opinions differed
and a divide separated our minds.
I knew her love didn’t falter
it now just contained an alter
of Jesus as she would remind
me as my beliefs withered.

Then as fate would have it
knowing she’d listen
I continued to talk.
I put her into shock.
I wasn’t ready for that reaction
and put wedge in our relationship.

Time progressed to a slow recover.
It’s better but not perfect.
I just hope she sees and knows
she’s appreciated, that my love shows
admiration and deep respect.
She’s always family, my mother.

How is your relationship with your mom? Has it always been that way or has it changed? Is there anything you want her to know, that perhaps you don’t tell her?

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2 comments on “A to Z: “Dear Mama”
  1. Jak says:

    That’s a great poem, I wonder if your mom would appreciate it. She seems to be a lot more open to the varying beliefs than how it once sounded.

    I got along with my mom a whole lot better once moving out. I’m not sure how to judge how close we are, as we generally only see one another and talk on holidays, but that is likely because of the distance. Not that I (or she) couldn’t make the trip.

    • kborman says:

      I am sure she would appreciate it, she has always loved my writing. I am sure the middle part may also make her sad, though, too.

      I wish your mom didn’t move so far away. I am sure we’d see her more often if she was closer. Even still, I think we all get along better with our parents as adults than we do when living with them.

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