A to Z: “Angel of Mine”

If you did not read my theme reveal, here is a brief recap: poetry inspired by music — that is to write a poem inspired by a song that starts with the letter of the alphabet. It could be a song I just really like, or in most cases, the song has triggered some sort of memory or nostalgia for me. And then I will mold that inspiration into the literary craft.

I will layout each post as such: share the song either by video or audio, write/share my song-inspired poem and then end my post with a few questions. Simple as so.

Without further ado…

“A” Inspiration: “Angel of Mine” by Monica


Every day I saw you, the first hour and the last.
A glimpse, a smile; face flushed, heart beat fast.
A fleeting moment of the past.

A note passed and my mystery was history.
Spring dance led to flourishing teen romance.
A love that defied odds and chance.

A series of firsts, you stole my heart.
Now several lovers torn apart.
But your piece was first, yours was the start.

What song(s) do you associate with your first crush or first love? How does it make you feel when you hear it now?

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2 comments on “A to Z: “Angel of Mine”
  1. Jak says:

    I do not believe I even know Monica, though that song sounds kind of familiar. I DO know Tyrese Gibson, though… from music video heartthrob to Fast and the Furious thrill seeker!

    I really like your poem! I have to admit, though, that I don’t know how often I’ve ever associated a song with a crush. Maaaaaaaybe with that one someone I considered a “muse”, once upon a time? The song doesn’t really make me think of them anymore, though, so… crushes are fickle?

    Yours sounded way more than a crush! Looking forward to hearing and reading more 🙂

    • kborman says:

      What, no Monica? My pre-teen/teen self just died a little bit on the inside. I bet you have heard her other songs, in particular “The Boy is Mine” which is a duet with Brandy. (please god, you have heard of her, right?!?)

      Hah, he was much more than just a first crush. But this song brings me back to homeroom in 7th grade. Ah… those were the days.

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