A to Z Challenge: 2017 Theme Reveal

It’s that time of year again, where I revive my blog from the ashes like a goddamn phoenix. I think I posted twice since last April, but we’re not here to cast foul to injury — we’re here to embrace the challenge ahead of us like a band of warriors.

This if my fourth year competing in the A to Z ChallengeA to Z is a blogging challenge in which the ruthless of bloggers (not really) embark on a month-long journey together in which every day of April (minus Sundays — except this year, it’s minus the first three Sundays) bloggers blog to a letter of the alphabet. For instance, for April 1st, the letter is “A”, April 3rd is “B” (the second of April is ….dun dun dun… a Sunday!) and so on. The theme is completely up to the blogger. Some don’t decide until that day’s letter and some, like me, try to pick a theme beforehand and reveal it to their peers.

And so, without further ado….

My theme is: poetry inspired by music.

In the 2015 challenge I wrote poetry to rekindle the art form I love but don’t spend the luxury of writing very often. I miss writing poetry and sadly don’t make the time for it anymore.

And then, Jak over at The Cryton Chronicles inspired me when he decided upon Jak’s Jukebox for his Generation Jak blog. It was such a great idea that I thought, “hmm could I adapt that in anyway?” I mean, who doesn’t love music?

So this year I decided to take my poetry a step further — to write a poem inspired by a song that affects me. I will choose a song that starts with the letter of the alphabet. It could be a song I just really like, or in most cases, the song has triggered some sort of memory or nostalgia for me. And then I will mold that inspiration into the literary craft.

I have had a musically-inspired writing project in mind for a long time, and I am hoping this challenge might help foster inspiration for that — or at the very least be an outlet for me to write some new pieces of work.

So that’s it! Easy peasy… right? I hope so, but we will see how I feel about it all on day 15.

But until then, help me dust off this buried blog … and see you on April 1st!

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7 comments on “A to Z Challenge: 2017 Theme Reveal
  1. I really like the idea of this theme, anything to encourage a few extra poems in the world 🙂
    Ginni Deville -Accepting A-Z Challenge & CampNaNoWriMo

  2. Miss Andi says:

    That sounds challenging but I’m looking forward to what you’ll come up with. See you in April! 😉

  3. Jak says:

    I’m excited to watch this unfold! It’s game time and I already know you have some ideas cooking in the oven. I’m a little jelly. I am sure that listening to your playlist will help a ton in stirring all the feels in you and your fingers won’t be able to help but to tap tap tap out some beautiful poetry!

    • kborman says:

      Aww, thanks babe. I was really unsure about the challenge this year until I thought of the theme. Now I’m really excited about this theme, thanks for the idea!

  4. […] you did not read my theme reveal, here is a brief recap: poetry inspired by music — that is to write a poem inspired by a song […]

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