A to Z: Reflections

A-to-Z Reflection [2016]

Another year of A to Z. And for me, a challenge within a challenge — to find, try, and write about an exercise for each letter of the alphabet (or in my case, some letters had several exercises).

All of the exercises that I was able to complete were in the comfort of my own home — no need for a gym. Which is nice to know that many can be, since sometimes gyms can be intimidating especially if out of shape, and can also be inconvenient. Space was at times a limitation, at least for me in my tiny apartment, but often was able to accommodate.

I had planned out the first half of the alphabet well, but fell behind in the latter half, which only made it more difficult for me. It forced me to find, execute, and write about the exercises all within 6 hours or so, since I mostly could only do them after work. If I ever do this type of challenge within a challenge again, I would certainly try to pre-plan as much as possible.

As with previous A to Z Challenges, I noticed almost everyone fell behind about half way. If not in the writing portion, at least they did so in the commenting and engaging. The few comments I got soon became simple likes or none at all. And I am as much guilty of that as anyone. It just becomes too time consuming to keep up. Perhaps if I did not work or did not have a social life, or simple sanity — it might all be a bit different.

I also noticed a lack of engagement from the official A to Z team like in years previous. That was also disappointing.

But above all,  I choose to do the challenge for me — not for the readers. It is to get me to write under deadline in a fun way. And this year it also got me to start exercising. Now the bigger challenge will be to continue to do both. If all else fails, see you next year!

If participating in A to Z, how did it go for you? Was it equally hard to keep up in all areas? Did you pre-plan your posts or do it on a whim? Will you do it again — or perhaps try it for the first time?


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