A to Z: Yoga

(An A to Z Challenge entry)


I got a little off kilter this week. For the most part, I still wrote my entries, but wasn’t doing the exercises. Thankfully, yoga brings it back home.

I have had stress relief yoga dvd for ages, but haven’t put it to use in a long time. So I dusted it off and decided to do a session that helps with lower back pain and tension. In case you are curious, here is the dvd:

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.23.13 PM

You can buy it off Amazon for pretty cheap.

I am pretty sure it came free when I bought a yoga ball/band combo — but I must say, I don’t mind this dvd. It has over 20 easy-to-follow routines, and the teacher provides alternatives or modifications in case you don’t have some of the equipment or simply lack in flexibility.

Many of the routines are 15-45 minutes long, depending on which you choose. The lower back pain session I did was 35 minutes long. The nice thing is that the routines range from morning wake ups and evening cool downs, to lower back pain to tension headaches or stomach issues (think constipation, IBS etc). There is something for everyone — identifying a plethora of common areas of the body that are affected by stress.

Final Verdict

For not having done yoga in a LOOONG time — it went fairly well. I worked my abs and my hamstrings well. I realized just how tight and inflexible my hamstrings actually are. I will need to work on that. Doing the yoga also reminded me that I should do it more often as I could feel the benefits one would reap if done regularly. Doing it also makes me want to dig out my band and ball, and perhaps invest in a mat.

Health point challenge: Success!

Have you ever done yoga? Do you have a favorite yoga dvd or class that you go to? If so, which one is it? 

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