A to Z: Treadmill

(An A to Z Challenge entry)


Today’s exercise is highlighting the good ol’ treadmill. Again I will not get this in today, unfortunately. But I have used a treadmill plenty enough times to talk about it.

The perks to a treadmill are obvious — you can control your speed and incline. Additionally, unlike walking or running outside or even on an indoor track, a treadmill absorbs some of the impact that your body feels, making it less hard on your body, especially your knees.

Another benefit has to do with the fact that a treadmill is indoors, so you can use it all year round versus having to be a hardcore outdoor walker/runner. (Hey, in Minnesota when it is thirty below windchill, this is a big deal.)

While I did not use the treadmill today, I did a lot of walking/lifting in errands and chores to get some exercise in today.

Final Verdict

I like the treadmill as well as getting outdoors too. But if you are just starting out with running, a treadmill is extra nice because you can do timed intervals at controlled speeds, like 1 minute running, 2 minutes walking.

Do you like to use the treadmill, why or why not? Do you have another “T” exercise that you like to do instead?

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