A to Z: Knee circles, knee to chest, kneeling arm drill, kneeling hip flexor stretch, kneeling forearm stretch, and kicks

(An A to Z Challenge entry)


“K” is my favorite letter, I wonder why. ūüėČ

Unfortunately, I am not sure I can say the same thing about “K” exercises. Not that they were bad, just a lot of kneeling — and get your mind out of the gutter right now.¬†ūüėĚ

The clock is ticking so I gotta stop joking around and¬†get down to business. For my “K” exercises, I did:¬†Knee circles, knee to chest, kneeling arm drill, kneeling hip flexor stretch, kneeling forearm stretch, and kicks.

Knee circles

Knee circles¬†almost¬†made me feel like I was hula¬†hooping….almost.¬†These are completed in the standing position, knees together and slightly bent. With your hands on your hips, make a circle with your knees.

I kind of liked these, and can see where they would be good for salsa or latin dancing. The website says it works your calves, and that might be true, but I also felt the secondary muscles they list more so — quads and hamstrings¬†— as¬†I kept the semi-squat position. Next time I will do these with some salsa music!

Knee to chest

This is a stretch exercise that I will be upfront about and just say that I suck at it. I have terrible balance — but to my defense, I have small feet for my height! In a knee to chest stretch, you stand on one leg and bring the opposite leg up to your chest, holding it close with your arms. Once able to balance, I could feel the stretch in my glutes, but I really struggled with this one. And then of course the cat thought it was an opportune time to visit me right when I was trying to balance! I had to scare him off because I was afraid I would fall on him!

Kneeling arm drill

This exercise was something I had never heard of before! Kneeling arm drills are intended to build your arm strength and efficiency while running. The video or written instructions are the best way to learn this exercise:

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.13.59 PM

I am not sure about these. They feel weird to be moving your arms without moving your legs. I think I would rather just practice while just jogging.

Kneeling hip flexor stretch

With all of the movement of my legs and hips in today’s lineup, this stretch felt really damn good. ¬†Notice the pad/towel under her knee on the floor. It is a wise choice — I folded a blanket and it helped a ton.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.20.09 PM

Kneeling forearm stretch

Another kneeling stretch, but this on had nothing to do with my legs. Though when pulling images for this post, I should have done as the gal did and rested back on her heels — I had just knelt like the guy — but it would certainly relieve the pressure on my¬†knees. ¬†The kneeling forearm stretch is a great stretch!¬†As someone who is double jointed in my elbows, it is actually very hard to find stretches for my arms. But this one does the trick! I will definitely do this one again!

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.22.57 PMScreen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.22.44 PM


For my final “K” exercise, I was inspired by Crank Health & Fitness again. This time in the form of kicks for a good cardio — a very straightforward way to increase your heart rate!

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.27.22 PM

I know for next time I will need to focus more on keeping my core engaged. But overall these were simple yet a great workout.

Final Verdict

Tonight’s routine wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. It had stretches, toning, and some cardio in it. Some I will do again and others I think there are better alternatives — but hey, I learned something new and gave it all a shot. That’s what counts!

Oh man, I just just thought about kickboxing. That definitely would have been way more fun!

Health point challenge: Success!

Have you ever done some of these kneeling stretches? What is your favorite “K” exercise? Do you know of any good kickboxing videos?

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2 comments on “A to Z: Knee circles, knee to chest, kneeling arm drill, kneeling hip flexor stretch, kneeling forearm stretch, and kicks
  1. Jak says:

    I’m not really sure about most of these myself. That kneeling hand/arm stretch looks weird lol Maybe that knee hip flexor stretch would be good.

    I think kickboxing would have been an awesome choice had you thought about it beforehand! At least you did some kicking?

    Also, Crooks was just trying to help!

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