A to Z: Butt lifts, boxers, and butterfly stretches

(An A to Z Challenge entry)


Day two of this double challenge and let me tell you, after such a looong workout hiatus, I can FEEL the burn from day one. As I mentioned yesterday, my abs got an additional workout and whenever Jak made me laugh today, I told him to stop because it hurt to laugh. True story.

And so, as we venture into day 2, I woke up from a nice nap at 7:30 pm and realized, oh man, I gotta do my “B” exercises.  I researched a few options and at one point, my list looked like this: Butt Lift, bear crawl, boxer, body-up, Burpee. The burpees were crossed out nearly as fast as added –because I know how awful they are. Great workout yes, but knowing my limits right now I would likely just wind up either 1) giving up immediately or 2) injuring myself. Now I don’t want to be an advocate for either of those options so I decided to do what was best for me today. Also, given how tender my abs were, I quickly narrowed my list back down to look more like this: Butt lift and boxer. The butterfly stretch was a mid-work out add on as it randomly popped into my head.

Butt lift

The butt lift (or if I want a double b, it is also called the butt bridge) was an original on my list. I was set out to do this and perhaps try it all by itself if I hadn’t quickly learned my way while doing my “A” exercises. I used bodybuilding.com’s butt lift instructions.


This is a relatively low impact toning exercise that works your glutes and hamstrings. I could feel both muscle groups get a work out and this is an exercise I can see myself doing again.


As I was researching additional moves, I came across www.greatist.com where I found boxer on this list: 50 Bodyweight Exercises that You Can Do Anywhere. This sounded perfect and I think I found another resource for future alphabet letters!

Greatist describes Boxer as:

Starting with feet hip-width apart and knees bent, keep the elbows in and extend one arm forward and the other arm back. Hug the arms back in and switch arms—like you’re in the ring!

They share a link with to a gif on how to do it, but the following picture was also helpful.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 9.36.28 PM

I did this for several repetitions. In the gif they link to, they show you can also use weights in your arms as you get more advanced. I liked it enough, but as I was doing it I remembered I used to do a boxing routine to Daddy Yankee’s Rompe song at a former Latin Hip Hop dance class (before Zumba was super popular). So as I resumed to the floor to continue some butt lifts, I looked on my phone for the infamous Daddy Yankee song.

I started the song up and as I was half way through, I eventually remembered ALL of the moves, including the intermitted hand claps. This was PERFECT. It gave my “B” workout the exact cardio it needed. The entire song is 3:08, so after a hardcore cardio of that, I resumed back to the floor for some more butt lifts when I suddenly remembered: Butterfly stretches!

Butterfly stretches

In case you don’t remember this wonderful stretch from elementary school gym class, For Dummies provides this excellent instruction list.

And it was a beautiful stretch especially after my Rompe boxing match!

Final Verdict

I really liked this workout! After I remembered a couple of old school moves to pair with some new ones, I felt like I actually got a comprehensive workout for 30 minutes. My final lineup went as such: Butt lift, new boxer, Rompe boxer and butterfly stretches. I repeated this three times, with a few extra butt lifts thrown in there for good measure. My final buzzer went off while I was completing Rompe boxer but I just had to finish that song! Now that’s a great mentality to have while working out.

Health point challenge: Success!

What are some of your favorite “B” exercises? What exercises from your past have you thought about revisiting? Do you have any exercise suggestions for future letters? Leave your comments below!

P.S. If you are ever with me and want to learn Rompe — just ask, I would love to teach you this fun-filled cardio workout!


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5 comments on “A to Z: Butt lifts, boxers, and butterfly stretches
  1. dyannedillon says:

    I used to do Jazzercise every day (WAAAAY before Zumba), and we used to do a butt lift exercise to “I Can’t Wait” by Nu Shooz. To this day, when I hear that song, my butt muscles clinch.

    • kborman says:


      I had to pull up the song on Spotify because I am terrible with song titles and oh, yes, I remember this song! I can totally see butt lifts working well to this tune. May have to keep it in mind!

  2. Jak says:

    Well, I didn’t try to watch you through most of this session, though I see you went with my advice on the burpees or whatever they’re called. I’m all for the combining of challenges here, but only if you aren’t going to kill yourself in the process!

    When I heard that clapping I was like “WTF?!” but I just left it alone lol I’m glad you had all those old moves come back to you and you were able to throw them into the mix.

    Butt lifts should come in handy later on and you mentioned double Bs, but let’s get to those double D’s!!

    I think I’d like to try the boxer thingy-in-the-bobber at some point. It looked like fun. Not sure about zumba like classes, though…

    • kborman says:

      I never wanted to do the burpees, I just know they are a great comprehensive workout. Believe you me, I was happy enough to let those go. Thankfully, I don’t know them by another name so I think I have safely put those to rest, at least for April.

      Lol, the clapping was an indicator to switch sides– it was built into the routine and once I remembered it, I couldn’t leave it out.

      Butt lifts helpful. eh? Thinking naughty are we? You do realize that the double d’s may change if I focus on them. Likely not much, but they are fat afterall…

      Yeah we totally could do a rompe match! I loved it and was just thinking, I could likely do that song/boxing match every day and not get tired of it. And as you get stronger, you can punch harder and pay closer attention to form etc. It’s great. Maybe even help with flexibility in one part. Eventually could even add in a boxing mat thingy if you got really advanced.

  3. […] Health & Fitness’s pdf shares upper cuts for the letter U. In my notorious “Rompe” boxing song, there is a segment that includes upper cuts. Though I am pretty sure these are a bit […]

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