A to Z: Y2K

(An A to Z Challenge entry)


At first boy/girl New Years bash
14 going on 25 or so we thought.
Adults fret about clocks, banks and cash.

Sipping Welch’s sparkling grape cocktail
Watching MTV and the Times Square ball
No time to worry about the future of email.

11:59 and countdown strikes
the only worry I have
is who my crush likes.

Midnight – the bell rings 12 chimes.
We laugh at Y2K
It’s not the end of the world this time.

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2 comments on “A to Z: Y2K
  1. Jak says:

    The Y2K event was quite the fiasco. Sure, there were some legitimate concerns, but it was blown way out of proportion and fear-mongered (what isn’t nowadays?). In the end, “geeks”, computer science/IT/programing individuals, won the war and fattened their bank accounts.

    Those roles in colleges (and soon thereafter in the workplace) became over-saturated. Buck late, dollar short.

    I can’t recall what I was doing… probably drinking and likely intrigued about the possibilities/implications of that 12-years-early collapse of the world that never came. Not then, nor after… when regularly scheduled.

    • kborman says:

      Of course it was blown out of proportion — those greedy thugs! (lmao).

      I just remember mostly everyone freaking out that they didn’t program past 1999 – so they were terrified their banks would just completely shut down!

      But being 14 at the time — my mind was a bit too boy crazy to be worried about such nonsense. I was more concerned about attending my first teenage boy/girl party with minimal adult supervision. I was even so lucky to have my much cooler older brother drop me off and pick me up. Pft, parents were so uncool in the days.

      He picked me up from the party after midnight and we drove home singing “No Scrubs” in his car.

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