A to Z: Kate

(An A to Z Challenge entry)


Born 10:18. a.m on a Saturday in September.
Reported as the hottest day to remember.
Not the only event to make this day so rare,
A blood type only 9% in U.S. bears.
Joining the world, a baby so new.
Only 5% born on the day due.

And yet, mother and child separated for hours
Bracelets on, but one nurse didn’t check ours,
and then denied claims of “This is not my Kate.”
Despite attempts to convince, mother had to wait.
Instead she fed another baby named Ali
knowing this was not her baby, really.

By day’s end, nurses realize mistake
Thankful it wasn’t too late
Daughters returned to rightful mothers
and doctors ensure it won’t happen to others.
Lesson learned: never ignore a mother’s hunch,
hospital comps bill: no such thing as a free lunch!

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3 comments on “A to Z: Kate
  1. daniel derasmo says:


  2. Jak says:

    I love this story in poetry form haha that had to be somewhat challenging to write? Not many have such an exciting story surrounding their first days of birth. Sometimes I wonder, though, are you the “real” Kate >.> dun Dun DUN!

    Damn straight they comped!

    • kborman says:

      II suppose no one will really, for sure, ever know, unless we decide to get a DNA test. But the fact that my dad and I share the same blood type that only 9% of the population shares, the odds are in our favor, muahaha.

      It was fun to write into a poem, but yes, finding the right words to rhyme definitely a challenge!

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