Ten Things of Thankful


So I have been on a bit of a TToT hiatus, and haven’t completed it for the past two weeks. While I shouldn’t make excuses, a flurry of events has required a lot of my time and mind power. I know, I know, I know, that is when I should do it the most.

I have been hopping some, though not leaving any comments. Another TToT no-no, but I know I can always rely on Dyanne’s posts to make me smile. (I have read nearly every one yet haven’t been by to comment. But please know you always can make me laugh!)

  1. I am thankful that Jak and I were able to partake in our neighborhood’s annual garage sale weekend. There were over 90 garage sales in probably a 5 mile radius. I think we went to about 25 garage sales total on Friday and Saturday, and based off our finds, we would say it was a success!
  2. I have realized that I quite enjoy going to garage sales with Jak. I am not usually big on shopping, but mostly because I don’t like to pay full price for things. Which makes garage sales perfect. Also, I just love seeing what other people have and collect. For one, it makes me feel not as bad about some of the things I hold on to for a long time.
  3. One of the purchases that Jak and I made was this fine beauty. For only $20, we got a Bamboo Fun digital drawing tablet. It was marked for $25, but upon inspection, I noticed it was missing its USB cable. Negotiated it down to $20, and voila!
    bamboo tablet
  4. Once we got home, we immediately started to look up finding the USB cable we would need, as well as looking up reviews of the product. We saw prices for this particular model going from anywhere from $60-$160 based off new or used. The guy who sold it to us told us that it cost him over $100 when he bought it a few years back. Score for us! Also, once I saw the USB cords online, I realized that my camera had the same size mini-USB. Slid it in, and it fit perfectly.
  5. Upon finding a cord that works, I immediately fired up Big Bertha to test it out. As Big Bertha was loading (she is old, she takes her good ol’ sweet time), I plugged in the Bamboo and the middle circle lit up! Yes, It worked! I was able to load the driver and test it out briefly. I am excited to be able to use it. This new device, along with our other big purchase (Bamboo Fun’s big sister) will hopefully aid in Jak and my development and design of our own websites at some point.
  6. Saturday was filled with a grad party for my youngest cousin as well as a BBQ at a friend’s. As all of our lives get busier, it is always nice when I can see a larger group of friends all at once. Jak and I even struck a win in ladder golf. The game was close the entire time, including a “final” round that lasted at least four times. I love me a good game of yard ladder golf.
  7. It was nice to go to both festivities on such a beautiful (and hot) day. While we have had lots of thunderstorms lately that we both love, it is always nice when weather cooperates for outdoor activities. I even caught a bit of sun, but thankfully, today my sunburn appears to be fading quickly.
  8. I am thankful that I got to celebrate my niece Mia’s actual birthday with her on June 12. She was so excited to see me there, and even told my sister and I that it was the best day she has ever had.
  9. I am thankful that Mia’s affection toward Jak has grown to the point where she now considers him her best friend. She first thought he was my brother (see TToT post from a couple of weeks ago), but then about two weeks ago, Jak and I went over to watch her and her brother while my sister prepped her house for a viewing. She told my sister, “I get to play outside with my best friend!” My sister looked at her and said, “Who’s that?” “Didn’t you know that my best friend is Jak, mama?” FREAKING ADORABLE.
  10. I am thankful that today we got to sleep in. While the garage sales have been fun, I do love being able to sleep in on the weekends.

What are you thankful for? Feel free to leave your list in the comments below!

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6 comments on “Ten Things of Thankful
  1. What luck to find a useful gadget at a garage sale. Congrats on the great celebrations this weekend too. 😉

  2. lol… loved your success with the drawing tablet, especially the find of the cord (the lol is there because, as I was typing a phrase came into mind, one that I used to apply to my own clarklike life adventures, ‘then things accidentally went right!’
    I repeat, lol
    good to see you on the ‘oT

    • kborman says:

      I am glad we have similar “things accidentally work themselves out experiences”! It is awesome when you are able to find the missing piece to a puzzle, and for free! Glad to reconnect this weekend, I will try better to not have hiatuses.

  3. dyannedillon says:

    Thank you for the sweet shout-out, Kate! I appreciate the kind words! Glad to know you’re doing well and just been too busy to post.
    I think it is SO CUTE that Mia calls Jak her “best friend”! And he obviously loves it, too.
    I don’t know what a Bamboo Fun digital drawing tablet is, but I look forward to seeing what it can do. How lucky that you already have a cord that fits it! It was meant to be!

    • kborman says:

      You are most welcome. I figured I owed you that for the extra motivation this week.

      Mia is adorable, and it isn’t just short-lived. My dad asked her on Saturday if Jak was her best friend still and she replied in the affirmative.

      The drawing tablet will hopefully let me transform my notebook doodles to the web. Something I have been wanting to do for a long time!

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Ten Things of Thankful
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