Ten Things of Thankful – Anniversary Edition

Ten Things of Thankful
The Ten Things of Thankful blog hop celebrates its 50th week AND its first birthday. (They did a couple of renegade weeks over the holidays to make it up to 52.) While I haven’t done 50 weeks myself, this week marks my 21st week of Thankfulness. 21 is a big important number for many, symbolizing a time for cheers and beers, so I guess it all works out for these festivities, AmIRight?

*EDIT* Whoa, not only is it my 21st week of Thankful, it is ALSO my 121st post. Crazy!

So I lift my glass to yours to first birthdays, 50 weeks = 500 thankful things, as always, a cake.

  1. I am THANKFUL for the long holiday weekend, which resulted in my week not having a bad case of the Mondays.
  2. I am THANKFUL I got to see some of my friends at a BBQ on Monday, which resulted in good food and good company.
  3. I found out on Wednesday that by August I will be moving into a shared office space with a coworker. While two of us will be sharing a space together, this will be the first time I will be out of a cubicle, and have the ability to shut a door if I need to. As an introvert, I am THANKFUL to finally have a small bit of privacy. Besides, the coworker I will be rooming with is someone I get a long great with.
  4. Wednesday night I had dinner with a former roommate who moved out last summer. Why it took us a year to meet up is beyond me, but I certainly have missed her. We both promised that we won’t wait so long to get together again. I am THANKFUL I got to reconnect with her.
  5. On Thursday, I took a sick day off work. While I wasn’t feeling the best, I was able to spend the day with my hunny bunny, so that makes up for it. Once feeling a bit better, we took full advantage of my beautiful (albeit hot) day of hooky. We drove around to some garage sales, went out for lunch, and then headed to Grandma’s.

    We found a couple of turkeys just hanging in the city on Thursday. They were just walking down a side street in Minneapolis.

    We found a couple of turkeys just hanging in the city on Thursday. They were just walking down a side street in Minneapolis.

  6. Friday night I went out to dinner with another friend to a favorite sushi restaurant. It was fun to catch up with her over sushi happy hour. THANKFULLY, I had stopped at my place to drop off rent right beforehand and found a coupon. So not only was the sushi on happy hour, but we also saved money with a coupon!
  7. I was woken up on Saturday morning at 2:30 a.m. when a voice mail dinged on my phone. Thankfully, Jak acknowledged it was late to get a phone call and listened to my voice mail while I was waking up from a deep slumber. The voice mail was from a police officer telling me my car was in the middle of the intersection right in front of Jak’s apartment.  The only reason the cops were able to get a hold of me was because last summer I was a witness to a theft at my work, so my name and cell phone number was in their system. So I am THANKFUL there was a silver lining to that incident. Anyways, my car rolled down from the spot I park in every night and into the intersection, and it was still in park. There was no damage to my car or any other car, and no one was hurt, to which I am THANKFUL. Additionally, I am THANKFUL that the cops noticed the same thing and took the effort to try to call me, and then waited for a few minutes to see if I would call back.  We confirmed that the car just rolled on its own and no foul play involved. I pulled the car back into its spot, turned the wheels and put on my parking brake.The problem with my car is yet to be determined (hopefully tomorrow!), but overall I am THANKFUL that the incident was resolved with no injury, damage or a tow.
  8. While #7 included many THANKFULs, I will not cheat and let it take up more than one. On Saturday, we went to see my niece Mia perform in her annual gymnastics show, which is basically organized chaos for kids under age of 5 or 6 to showcase the skills and moves they learn at gymnastics class. In an hour, each class rotates their students through four modified events (beam, floor, vault and bars) performing various activities. These activities range from somersaults to jumping on trampolines to balancing on a low beam and swinging on the bars. Each events lasts 12 minutes and then they spend the last 12 minutes giving away trophies to each student. Mia was the VERY last name on the roster so I am impressed how patient she was. I am THANKFUL that Jak and I were able to go to her show. It was an entertaining hour, full of lots of laughs and “aww how cute!” The entire thing was adorable.

    Mia holding her trophy after her show.

    Mia holding her trophy after her show.

  9. Thunderstorms. Immediately following the gymnastic show, the rest of the day consisted of thunderstorms.  There was so much lightning and thunder — it was amazing! Many times it thunderstorms when I am asleep or while at work, so I am not able to enjoy them with Jak. But we enjoyed them all day on Saturday and for that, I am THANKFUL.
  10. Jak and I went to see Godzilla in 3D last night. It had been a while since we went on a movie date. THANKFULLY, the movie hit the discount member price for the theatre we frequent. So instead of paying the full price of $14.25 for a 3D movie on a Saturday night, we only pay $10. We went to a late night showing (10:45 pm) and normally I have a hard time staying awake the entire time when we go that late. (I usually only nod off a little, I promise!) But this time, I stayed awake the entire time. Perhaps that is some indication to you that it was a really good movie. At one point, Jak was worried that I was drifting off and he squeezed my leg, but I leaned over and said that I am fully awake!

And that wraps up my 21st Ten Things of Thankful. This week, while having some unfortunate car hiccups (hopefully not too expensive), it was a fun week full of friend moments. And that is something to be said of this weekly blog hop. I have met some of the best people through this blog hop. I just wanted to take a moment to THANK Lizzi for starting this weekly hop as a way for each of us to reflect on why we should be thankful each and every week.


Through this hop, there have been many strangers who have now become friends. What more could you possibly ask for?



Bonus points to those who can find all the things I carved into the pan!

What are YOU thankful for this week? Is there a way that you prefer to reflect on your week? If you wish, feel free to share your list of thankfuls in the comments below. 
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4 comments on “Ten Things of Thankful – Anniversary Edition
  1. lrconsiderer says:

    Kate I LOVE THIS! I see my name, TToT and BDay in your pan, as well as the lovely ’50’ spelled in (?)almonds.

    WHAT FUN 😀 I hope you enjoyed eating the cake after you had fun with it 😀 I’m so happy you joined in!

    I’m glad your car was alright, and that no funny business had been happening with it. How scary! Great the police could get hold of you and sort things out.

    Sushi, friends, Jak, no Mondays…all very good things, and I’m glad they made your list. 😀

    The synchronicity in your numbers is also great fun.

  2. kborman says:

    Yep! You found most of it. I first tried to etch in a heart and then did your name, and then did TTOT and then did 1st. I showed the creation to Jak in which he told me it looked like i was saying 1st TTOT so I added in BDay. And yes, the 50 is in almonds.

    We have yet to eat the cake, since Jak has something else in store for it. But he knows I am getting anxious to finish it when this morning I asked, “Are we going to eat the cake tonight?!”

    No such luck at the mechanics, so for now we will play it safe by keeping the parking brake on when off. Seems to me the car has a mind of its own.

    I am very glad I am able to have repetitive people and things show up on my list each week. To me, life is about creating and maintaining relationships with people. Feeling connected to those around me is VERY important.

    I know, I didn’t realize it was my 121st post until after I published. So that is pretty cool.

  3. dyannedillon says:

    I love short weeks, especially when the day off is Monday. I would rather go back to work on a Tuesday than have Friday off. No Monday that way.
    I had a friend whose car mysteriously rolled out of her driveway and ended up across the street. I don’t think she ever found out why it happened. Glad yours had a happy ending and hope someone figures out why it took itself on a little ride.
    Your niece was so cute at her gymnastics show! I remember when my daughter took gymnastics when she was 4. Loved watching her scamper across the balance beam like it was nothing.
    Thunderstorms when you don’t have to go anywhere in them are fabulous! I’ve enjoyed two of them so far today already.
    Without all the Cheezi-its, I can see that that is a German chocolate cake – yum! Don’t tell Jak, but your almond 50 is a wee bit more appetizing than his cheez-it one.

  4. kborman says:

    I am okay with either a Monday or Friday off, not too picky here. But I do notice that when I have Mondays off, I tend to be more productive, whereas Friday off, I tend to plan more fun things to do.

    I have heard this happening to others, and no one seems to know what ti is and the car dealership was trying to recreate it but couldn’t. I have read forums on it and others say it never recreates when it needs to. It drives just fine, so it is hard for me justify paying over a $100 for a diagnostic and then they say nothing is wrong with it. So for now, until I can gather more research or talk to more people, I will just park with the parking brake on.

    I have videos on my phone of my niece walking and crawling across the beam. It is freaking adorable. I also have one of her flipping over the bar. She spun so fast on that one that my sister nearly had a heart attack.

    We LOVE thunderstorms!

    Hahaha, yeah, his Cheez-Its did cover up a lot of the cake! Mine may look more appetizing, but I give him credit for coming up with the idea, nonetheless. I just chose I different decorative food item!

    Thanks for reading!

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