Ten Things of Thankful


Another week, another list of thankful! Considering I am getting this in a bit later than I wanted, I will hop right to it.

  1. For the past couple of weeks, I have been experiencing lower back pain. I haven’t been to the chiropractor in a few months, and my body was telling me that something was off. Jak likes to poke fun of the chiropractor, mostly because last year I met my deductible and decided to go in for any sort of ache. But that was mostly because I had free appointments to take advantage of! Anyways, my lower back would flare up into an intense pain after walking just a few blocks, felt like bone was on bone. On Friday, I finally got in and while I was really stiff Friday night, I could already notice a difference.
  2. My chiropractor owns the business, and as her business has been doing extremely well, she has reduced her hours. I wasn’t a fan on her other chiro in the office — the one time I saw him, I ended up feeling way worse after, and he just didn’t take the time or care like the owner. But I went to a new hire the last time I was in a few months ago, and really liked her. She, like the owner, is very attentive and thorough, to make sure we identify and treat the problems. Thankfully, her hours are increasing as the owner’s hours decrease. It is nice to have someone who knows your body well.
  3. I am thankful that Jak and I are finally acting on our words of “we need to get back in shape.” For the past week, we have been taking nightly walks when weather permits. I usually groan before we go. The hardest thing for me is the motivation to go to the gym or get ready for exercise, but he has been persistent.
  4. Since my lower back had been giving me issue, the walks were terrible on it. But Jak was so encouraging and supportive. Once we would get to the hill, the pain was the worst, so I would hold his hand and every time it flared up really bad, I would give his hand a squeeze to indicate to him that I was bracing on him to get me through it. Only one night we took a shortened route, and even on that night he was supportive rather than pushing me too hard.
  5. We had to miss a couple of nights because of rain, but I am thankful that tonight we got back into the swing, even if my enthusiasm was less than ideal.
  6. While on the walk, I noticed nearly right away that my lower back pain was 95% better. The muscles are still tight, but I didn’t feel that bone on bone rub. HUGE improvement. It confirmed to me to listen to my body* when it is telling me something.
  7. Yesterday, Jak was at a Magic: The Gathering tournament all day. I had the option to hang out with family or friends if I wanted to, but I was in need of some ME time. That and my spring cleaning mode was kicking into high gear. While he was gone, I slept in with Crooks, and then I made eggs in a hole**  and watched the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy while I ate. Afterwards, it was time to get the day rolling. I put on some favorite tunes and did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned part of the bathroom, baked brownies and prepped some other foods. After that was all done, I relaxed in bed. I figured out how to turn on Jak’s Xbox 360 to watch Netflix. So I found the Thomas Crown Affair**and then watched Pocahontas while I resumed doing some organizing of my clothes. After that, I played some arcade games on his Xbox and soon he was home. I felt so productive!
  8. Once Jak was home we went to a late night dinner run to Perkins and our favorite waitress was there. She always makes sure we are well accommodated for, while throwing in some jokes and teasing.
  9. Tonight before our walk, Jak and I figured out the Samsung Health app that measures our steps and calories burned. Our walk tonight was 3.1 miles! Now that we know that loop is a 5K it is likely we will take that route more often. The app also keeps track of weight loss goals and calorie intake. I think this will be helpful for us as we do better to get back in shape.****
  10. That right now it is raining and thundering out. It started to rain 10 minutes after we returned from our long walk. It is so peaceful to listen to! And they said it is going to thunderstorm from midnight – 2 a.m., which is perfect because that tends to be Jak’s and my favorite time of day.

So this week, my list seems to include my health, thunderstorms and productivity. Not too shabby, except I realize now that I didn’t include a single thing about my mother and it is Mother’s Day. But before you get all “that’s terrible” on me, my family is celebrating Mother’s Day on Friday. But don’t worry, I called her today and told her I love her.*****

* Sometimes, (okay more often than I should), I ignore it, but usually not the best course of action.
** May have dozed off a little, but it is a favorite movie so I have seen it many times!
*** For the first time and it turned out really well! I never knew this cooking trick until I ate it at Perkins late one night and then saw how it was made on a recent TV show. It is so easy and might be my new favorite way to eat eggs and toast!
**** This winter was brutal and sucked any sort of motivation out of me, and probably most of Minnesota.
***** I will include my mother’s list next week.

How was your week? What are YOU thankful for? 

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8 comments on “Ten Things of Thankful
  1. dyannedillon says:

    Back pain is terrible to have to endure! Glad yours is improving. I’ve never been to a chiropractor, but if my daughter has trouble during volleyball season again with her sciatic nerve, I think I’ll take her and give it a try.

    It’s awesome that you and Jak are exercise buddies! My husband and I haven’t exercised since fall, but we’re starting back up tomorrow. It’s good to have someone to help with accountability.

    I use the Lose It app on my phone to keep track of calories and exercise. I also have a Nike one that I haven’t tried yet.

    Love a rumbly thunderstorm in the night!

    • kborman says:

      The first time I went to the chiropractor was when I had terrible migraines for 72 hours straight. I was at wits end trying all my normal solutions and nothing was working. After that, it has been Heaven sent. Aches and pains that I had for a long time have gotten better. I always thought my lower back was muscular so I would get massages but it never helped very long. Chiropractic work seems to have a much longer effect. If our bones are out of line or pinching nerves, then our muscles respond, getting tense and knotted. Plus it is far less evasive than other things. But like anything, it doesn’t solve all problems. Just a solution to look into if nothing else seems to be working.

      We have been really inactive too, since at least the fall. I blame the horrid winter we had. Sucked any motivation from me, that’s for sure.

      I used to use the Lose it! app too, but I like that this Samsung Health app keeps track of my steps and calculates the calories burned for me. Less guesstimating with exercise at least. We will see how it goes. Otherwise I can always go back to Lose it!

      We LOVE our thunderstorms, probably way more than most people. And they are even better at night.

  2. Christine says:

    Good for you, two, getting out and active. It’s the perfect time of year for it!
    Lower back pain is horrible. I’m glad you are finding some relief.
    Being productive is awesome.

    • kborman says:

      Yes the weather is finally cooperating for some good walks. Before long it will be way too hot and humid to get a good walk in, so off to the gym we go.

      Productive days seem to more than double make up for a couple of lazy days. 🙂

  3. Kristi says:

    I’m glad your back is starting to feel better; it can’t be much fun to walk with pain. Enjoy your 5K loop!

  4. lrconsiderer says:

    Yay for getting in shape. It makes a huge difference, and it’s so nice that you and Jak are doing this together and supporting one another in it 🙂

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