A to Z 2014: Nieces and Nephews

(An A to Z 2014 Challenge entry)


So I am lucky to have five munchkins that are ages five and under. And lucky for me (and my wallet) the first four happen to have birthdays from March – June, one each month. Being it is April. you can do the math to realize I am in the midst of munchkin birthday season.

This post is dedicated to my munchkins (or as other people call them nieces and nephews).

Owen, age 5
As the first born munchkin, Owen will always hold a special place in my heart. All of my family spoiled him with love and gifts when he was born. In many ways, Owen reminds me of myself. He is very emotional, wears his heart on his sleeve and has a VERY sensitive heart. He is also the tiniest little boy! Like my brother, he is a die hard sports fan and is already very active in hockey and baseball. But don’t let those interests fool you. Owen is my little cuddler.  As soon as sleepiness hits him, he crawls on my lap and his hands instantly stroke my hair. I know he won’t always want to cuddle in my lap, so I will take advantage of these moments when I can!

In preparation for his birthday in May, a couple of weeks ago, I asked him what sorts of things he likes. Seeing as he will be six, he is going to start caring about what gifts he gets. Our conversations went like so:

Me: Owen, your birthday is not too far off. What do you like?
O: I want a toy garbage truck.
Me: Okay… but what else? Do you like ninja turtles?
O: Yeah, and dinosaurs and dalmatians.
Me:  Cool.
O: You know Auntie Kate, just get me six year old stuff.
Me: Oh yes, of course, silly me!

Kids say the darnedest things!

Owen 2

Can you tell he is 1/4 Filipino? Of course not, the only trait he got was his height! He is my brother’s mini-me!

Mia, age 3

Mia is my mini-me. Not only in our connection, but in the fact that she looks a lot like me. She certainly has my crazy curly hair. I have been close to this little girl since she was born, it seems. When she was 6 months old to a year, I was working only part time, so I helped watch her 2-3 days a week. And ever since then, her and I have clicked. If I go longer than a week without seeing her, she makes my sister call me. She keeps tabs on my visits, that’s for sure!

Mia is a princess — no I am not kidding. A real girly girl at heart. And she is obsessed with Disney princesses. She has every princess doll imaginable. She has her next four birthdays planned out, each theme planned with a different princess. This year for her fourth birthday, she will be having a Rapunzel birthday at Chuck e Cheese.  Last night I watched her and as soon as I walked in the door, she jumped on me and asked, “Auntie Kate, are you here to play princesses with me?!” Why yes, Mia, I was, thank you.

I simply cannot imagine life without this little girl in it. Thank you sweetheart for being you.


Taken last night, we spent over an hour playing with 4 different types of princess toys!

Carina, age 3

Carina just turned three years old last month, and this little girl is into everything. And no, I am not referring to the fact she is a toddler, she has been this way as soon as she was mobile. In our family we call her our silent assassin, because she is exactly that. In the moment you are slightly distracted by something other than her, she finds her escape route to get into something, anything! For example, one of the last times I was over there, I was watching the three kids (Owen, Carina and Wyatt) for 20 minutes while my brother went to get food. Owen was chilling, watching TV while I was trying to calm Wyatt down. Carina asked for more juice and while I told her in just a moment, I apparently was not quick enough. By the time I walked into the kitchen less than two minutes later, she had already opened the fridge and took out the apple juice from one of the middle shelves and it was waiting for me on the kitchen floor. I am just thankful this little helper did not attempt to start pouring it herself!

I will note that while mischievous, little Carina is a very smart girl. I have a feeling she will do exceptionally well in school. She may have chronic middle child syndrome, but this little sweetie will go far in life. I just know it.

Oh that smile is so sweet, but wait until you see her mischievous eyes!

Oh that smile is so sweet, but wait until you see her mischievous eyes!

Baby David, turning 1 on Easter Sunday

Baby David is not the baby in the family, but named after his papa, he will likely be Baby David for a little while longer. His first birthday is coming up this weekend on Easter Sunday. David is such a good kid. I will not say little, because frankly he is a tank, but he is one of the happiest babies I have ever known. He almost always has a smile on his face or his tongue out (or both). He is calm and brave — he is on the verge of walking full steam (10 steps at a time right now). He is a climber and he has no fear — which of course when you cannot walk without wobbling, always results in a few shiners. And as the little brother to Miss Mia, you know he will be Prince Charming until the end of his days.

Baby David is one solid, smiley lil man.

Baby David is one solid, smiley lil man.

Wyatt, 6 months

Wyatt brings in the last of the crew. Nearly identical in looks to his older brother Owen, Wyatt’s personality is just starting to shine through. And as it may be, Wyatt and I have a fun relationship. Apparently, I am one of the very few who can get him to talk so much (well you know, ooh, goo, and gah.) He will be crying one moment for another family member, and they hand him to me and he instantly smiles and starts chatting away. I love kids when they are at this age, they are learning so much and just absorb everything — and their personalities finally start to show! And how can you not smile when this little munchkin is smiling back at you?

Wyatt has the best smiles and giggles for Auntie Kate.

Wyatt has the best smiles and giggles for Auntie Kate.

I may not have any kids of my own, but these five munchkins are my pride and joy. I cannot imagine life without them, and would do anything for them. Including watching them on Friday nights when their parents need a night out. (Hey I figure, once it is my turn, I will have plenty of babysitter dues to pay out!)

Do you have nieces/nephews? If so, what are some of our favorite memories and moments with them?

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4 comments on “A to Z 2014: Nieces and Nephews
  1. Jak Cryton says:

    Awww this is a great post! Someday they may even look back on it and read it themselves… so maybe it’s good today’s topic I kept joking about was avoided lol

    I’ve obviously had very limited time with them all, but I do think Miss Mia is warming up to me! Owen and Baby David never seem to mind anyone 🙂 I wonder if Wyatt will eventually be the same. Now, Carina… that may take some time, she’s really shy. And those eyes… always something going on behind them, I just know it! dun Dun DUN!

    You definitely should never have an issue procuring a babysitter once having kids. I’m betting, though, that your siblings are all praying it isn’t until their own children are old enough to pay off their debts.

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

    • kborman says:

      I did think about that, the day they may be able to read these words for themselves. My hope is that one day they will and they will truly understand my love for them. Depending on their age when they read it, if I wrote about said discussed topic, they would maybe still think I was pretty cool. Ya know, the cool aunt that you can be real with no matter what? Perhaps maybe even the aunt that they call when they are in trouble and mom/dad may not always be the best ones to call to bail them out of a sticky situation.

      Mia is definitely warming up to you. Even just this week when I showed her your text of you saying hi, she did this cute bashful hi back.

      Owen and David are both chill about who is around, indeed.

      Carina, well, sometimes I wonder if she has even warmed up to me at all. But perhaps you will see that when she is in the presence of her own home with only a few people around, she comes out of her shell. A true introvert, that little girl is.

      I, too, will be curious to see how Wyatt will be.

      I should be golden by the time my babysitting needs come around. One can only hope…

  2. […] weekend we celebrated my eldest nephew’s birthday. Owen turned six this year (his official birthday is tomorrow), but Saturday was his party. He is getting […]

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