A to Z 2014: Kisses

(An A to Z 2014 Challenge entry)


This post marks my 100th post, and so lucky for it to fall in A to Z 2014 and no better that it lands on K for Kate! I could use ‘K’ to write about myself, but I do that a lot already, so instead I shall devout this entry to kisses.

Kisses are one of the most common forms of endearment, used to express feelings of love, passion and affection, as well as those of respect, friendship and peace. Kisses are introduced to us most often via family members: mothers, fathers. aunts, uncles and grandparents in the form of love and affection, and as we age, kisses become a mode of communication to express passion and romance. We often think of kisses as romantic mouth to mouth kisses, but there are actually many different kinds of kisses intended for different purposes.

Air Kisses
An air kiss, or commonly known as blowing a kiss, is a common form of kiss for parting, especially when the two people involved are at a distance from each other. These forms of kisses have become popular in the entertainment scene, and I think has become a popular way to show affection to larger groups of people.

Butterfly Kisses
This is a kiss that I remember my mom teaching me when I was a child. There is also the beautiful song Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle about the relationship a father has with his daughter. These are kisses made between two people via fluttering their eyelashes against the others’. I personally love these kinds of kisses even if they  can be difficult to maneuver depending on the length of the partners’ eye lashes.

Cheek to Cheek Kisses
In many cultures, a cheek to cheek kiss is a popular greeting between a man and a woman. This is less common in America, and this form of kissing is most commonly seen between family members. In the Philippines, a cheek to cheek kiss does not involved the lips and is strictly a brush of the right cheeks of each partner.

Eskimo Kisses
According to Wikipedia, an Eskimo kiss is: “the act of pressing the tip of one’s nose against another’s. It is loosely based on a traditional Inuit greeting called a kunik. A common misconception is that the practice arose so that Inuit could kiss without their mouths freezing together. In fact, it is a non-erotic form of greeting that serves as an intimate way of greeting one another for people who, when they meet, often have little except their nose and eyes exposed.” I personally love sharing Eskimo kisses with my nieces and nephews.

French Kisses
Ah french kisses! The form of kissing solely meant as an act of passion between two lovers, a French kiss is so-called because at the beginning of the 20th century, the French had a reputation for more adventurous and passionate sex practices. Adventurous or not, it is a form that I personally love.

Hand Kisses
Hand kisses are a common greeting gesture to show respect. It is often associated with chivalry for a man toward a woman, but is also commonly courteous gesture given to elders.

Sniff Kisses
Popular in South East Asia, sniff kisses are commonly used to express affection for loved ones. I was first introduced to this form of kiss by my sister in law’s mother, who grew up with this tradition in her Filipino culture.

So many kinds of smooches! Want to know more? Learn about the different forms of kissing here.

What is your favorite kind of kiss? Are there any that I missed?

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8 comments on “A to Z 2014: Kisses
  1. Dyanne says:

    My favorite is Hershey kisses!

  2. Congratulations on your 100th post!
    The Eskimo kisses are really cute. I think the air kiss is also a sign of panache…!
    Visiting via the A to Z challenge.
    Writer In Transit

  3. Maria Dunn says:

    Congrats on reaching 100 posts. I smile at all the kinds of kisses you mention Eskimo kisses – wonderful. I love the song butterfly kisses. Used to sing it to my kids. Enjoy the A to Z challenge. Maria from “http://delightdirectedliving.blogspot.com/”

  4. Jak Cryton says:

    Hmm so many kinds of kisses. I think Eskimo and French are among my favorites. I do, however, do the hand kiss a lot. Actually, the cheek to cheek one (but on both sides) appeals to me, but I feel in the States it’s a bit awkward for people. Perhaps when I visit over seas? If ever…

    Congrats on reaching 100!!

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

    • kborman says:

      I agree with your favorite choices — they definitely are keepers.

      Shall we start greeting each other with cheek to cheek kisses?

      We will travel, no worries!

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