A to Z 2014: Hair

(An A to Z Challenge Entry)


Many people are often jealous of my curly hair, or even just the fact that I don’t have to do anything for it to curl. But sometimes it can get a bit crazy, some days it looks phenomenal, but most days it is just ‘meh.’

I will warn you, some of these photos may be a bit crazy too, but please, focus on the hair.

When my hair is crazy, more often than not, I pull it back. But sometimes, I just roll with it.

Examples of crazy hair days:

crazy hair 3

Example of big hair.

crazy hair 2

Even when pulled back, it is hard to tame.

crazy hair

This is probably the best yet. Exhibit A after hair getting wet while out on a snowy night.

But some days, my hair turns out really good! (Granted, this is when I actually put some effort in it, or someone else does.)

Examples of great hair days:

good hair 4

I doubt I did much to this, but am certain this was taken not long after I got my hair cut and colored.

good hair 3

Night on the town.

good hair 2

I love how my hair looks after going to the salon!

But on most days, my hair tackles a little bit of good and crazy.

Examples of normal hair days:

normal hair day

How my hair looks mid-day.

normal hair 4

A typical pulled back look.

normal hair 3

This example is a bit crazy, a bit good. But this is what my hair looks like when all I do is shower and let it air dry (on the good days).

I don’t put much attention to my hair. I average 2 haircuts a year. I shower every other day with a simple Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner and I ALWAYS let it air dry. Some days I use a little Moroccan oil, most days I don’t. I never like to fuss over my hair and have just learned to let it do what it wants.

Though, I have let my hair go a bit longer without a hair cut this time around. It’s been over a year, but thankfully that will be fixed on Saturday. I am also thinking I want to color it. I do love when it is so dark with a hint of red. That might call my name.

My favorite and best hair lesson I ever got was from my mom. She is a breast cancer survivor, but back when she was receiving radiation and chemo, she lost all of her hair. When I used to (and even now) complain about a bad hair day, her first response always is/was, “A bad hair day is better than a no hair day!”

And I leave you with that.

How about you? What are some of your favorite hair stories? What do you do when your hair day cannot be saved?

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4 comments on “A to Z 2014: Hair
  1. Oh, Kate, WE HAVE THE SAME HAIR! I used to complain about it a lot, but when I dodged the chemo bullet and, thus, didn’t lose mine, I vowed never to complain about it again. If the weather gods cooperate, I can straighten it. If they don’t, then it’s wildly curly, sometimes frizzy, but attached to my head!

    • kborman says:

      HAIR TWINS! I am glad you got to keep your hair! I know when my mom’s grew back it was much different than before. Much thinner and very gray.

      I actually love my hair best in the summer when the weather gods bring me the humidity. In winter, yeah, it because a frizzy mess, so it gets pulled back a lot.

      Last weekend I got my hair cut and Jak saw it blown out and straightened, probably first time ever. Since then, I told him I would straighten it for him again soon. (Thankfully my curls are deceiving — my hair is very thin and fine, so to actually straighten it, it goes suuuuuper fast. My hairdresser loves it.)

  2. Jak Cryton says:

    You definitely have some crazy hair days. I can have them too, but no where near the extent you do.
    I am in agreement with your mother. While I know I’m heading towards those “no hair days”, I can’t help but hope they are still far far off…
    I really like how your hair turned out this weekend!
    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

    • kborman says:

      Hahaha, it can get crazy at times. I do really like my mom’s motto too. That’s okay, some day I will have really crazy gray hair. Thanks babes.

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