Ten Things of Thankful – Week Fifteen

Almost forgot to get this in this weekend. Seems that Jak is the one to keep reminding me lately. I really should get to blogging more than just the blog hop, or perhaps just write more than just in this format. I really need to write my artist statement (been saying that for about a year now) or write more poetry. Ah well, one of these days, right?


  1. The beginning of this week was kind of stressful at work. I was under tight print deadlines but thankfully met all of them and therefore, now have those off my plate.
  2. At work we finally reached the construction stage of the office that involved completely re-configuring the cube area. That meant three coworkers and I finally got our desks arranged. The result? I got a much bigger work space — with about two additional feet of desk, and extra file cabinet and overhead compartment. I also now got access to the window — not facing it, but still able to access it.
  3. My dad. Last Sunday we celebrated my dad’s birthday. As an adult, my dad and I have gotten closer and I am always happy to spend time, and celebrate, with him.
  4. Last weekend my dad decided that he would start to text me about our running inside joke about the movie series Tremors. Now my dad doesn’t text. In fact the last and only times he has done so was back in April. So when he sent me a message he said (in all of his imperfections), “Kate you know I would only text your in a emergency but do you realize you are missing Tremors. It is on AMC right now.” And then we proceeded to have an entire text message conversation about Tremors. It made me laugh many times, and thus, made my day.
  5. This week at work, the same three coworkers from above and I were all left behind to man the office while the rest went up to Duluth to attend a conference. We were kinda bumming that we were left behind, so we made a day of fun on Friday, We finished arranging our new desk area, went out for lunch and went to a reused/recycled furniture store to look for new items to furnish the office with. It made the day go quickly and made up for the fact that we were left behind.
  6. Friday night was sushi date night with my friend Ten. I always look forward to these late night happy hours. There is this awesome sushi/Asian bistro near my house that offers a happy hour every day from 4-6 pm and 9:30 – midnight. So once every month or two, Ten and I get together for late night sushi. Apparently others finally caught on about this great steal — we had a 15 minute wait! Usually we are able to just walk right in. Good to know for future sushi nights!
  7. On Saturday, Jak and I went to the 60th birthday party for my childhood friend’s parents. I grew up across the street from her and her family, so I knew her parents very well.Β It was a surprise birthday party and my roommate made this wonderful Topsy Turvy cake. It had three different cake layers. The bottom layer was chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and ganache. The middle layer was an almond cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting, and the top layer was salted caramel chocolate cake. It was beautiful and tasted great!
  8. Last night and tonight, Jak and I got some time in to watch our new show together and to watch the movie The Grey. I love this time we are able to spend together on the weekends, it helps me unwind from the week and still lets us do something we both enjoy.
  9. Today Jak and I went to my friend Amanda’s free orchestra concert. Every year her orchestra offers a free family concert the weekend before Halloween, featuring some spooky and festive songs. This year they had a guest pianist — an 11 year old girl who played a solo in Beethoven’s Piano Concerto no.1, Allegro. She not only played beautifully and to my ear, seemed flawless. And to top that, her little fingers moved across the keys in such awe — she played solely from memory and listening.Β I was so glad that when I mentioned it to Jak that he was interested in going.Β I love that he shares a wide range of musical tastes with me. I hope we can go to some more of Amanda’s free concerts this year.
  10. Amazing Jak lovins. Enough said.
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13 comments on “Ten Things of Thankful – Week Fifteen
  1. Hurrah for more office space! Always worthwhile.

    And the text conversation with your dad sounds like a really special time, especially if text contact with him is infrequent πŸ™‚

    What, descriptions of that cake in two places, and NO PICTURES!?!?! What’s up with that? πŸ˜‰

    The concert sounds awesome.

    • kborman says:

      Yes! Several of my coworkers commented about how much more space I have now. And so much more light now too — which will help in the winter. We have to take advantage of all the sun we can in the winter.

      Jak will be posting a picture of the cake on Wednesday. Don’t worry, it will be worth the wait.

      The concert was great, indeed! I hope we can attend future ones too. And you can’t beat free. Glad this community orchestra exists — both an outlet for the musicians and for those who love the music.

  2. How wonderful that you dad and you got closer when you grew up. We never know how long our parents will be with us so this is something I think is awesome.

    Congrats on the better and bigger office space!

    I LOVE sushi!

    • kborman says:

      Yes, very true. My dad is a plumber, so his need for newer technologies is very limited. His original goal in life was to never send a text, email or fax. 2.5 years ago he left a small company that he worked at for 20+ years. On the first week of his new job, his boss gave him a smart phone. He has sent both text and email now. Funny enough, the first email he sent from his phone, they were having server problems and so the receptionist got his email like over 200 times. After that incident, she told him that he could continue to just call her with his information. And often, when he sends me a text, I get the same message twice. I told him he can probably still get by without a fax — that technology is fading fast.

      Mmmm sushi. πŸ™‚

  3. christine says:

    I love to see parents branching out and trying new tech things in order to connect with family. Awesome that you are able to share these laughs with your dad.
    Sounds like you had loads of fun with friends and family this week. Always something for which to be thankful.
    Glad Jak reminds you to link up each week!

    • kborman says:

      You should read my story in my comment above to Joy about my dad’s technology usage.

      Yes, Jak does a great job of keeping me on track! I am after all a Jak Tracker.

  4. Love the Clorox wipes at the ready on your desk in your new space πŸ™‚

    My parents are completely clueless about texting. They can’t even read one if I send them one. At least your dad is trying! You need to screen shot some of the good ones!

    Enjoy hearing about you spending time with lots of different friends and doing lots of fun activities. Free concert? Awesome! And aren’t child prodigies amazing?

    Glad Jak reminded you to get your post in!

    • kborman says:

      Well there was much needed cleaning and dusting to be had! The desks were very dirty.

      I should screen shot the good ones! Well next awesome conversation I get, I will be sure to document.

      I am still in awe in the talent that little girl has.

  5. What a wonderful week – and your dad texting you! My hubby doesn’t even know how to – and refuses to learn! Lol

    I can’t wait to see the cake!

  6. Kristi says:

    Cake, sushi. . . I think I’m hungry now!

    Your office space looks nice, and I’m sure access to a window is wonderful.

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