Ten Things of Thankful – Week Fourteen

This week went well. Nothing overly exciting, but nothing bad either. I am feeling rather sleepy, and maybe a bit under the weather, so I will get this show on the road.


  1. On Monday, we went to Jak’s grandma’s again. We played cards and watched our shows. It is always a delight to go to see her. We won’t be able to see her tomorrow because she has other plans and I already know I will miss her!
  2. This week, all of the bosses were out of town, so while I still had plenty of deadlines to reach, work life seemed to move at a bit more leisurely pace.
  3. One of the fun things we did at work this week was that we played jokes and pranks on our bosses. Some office rearranging here, some funny pictures there. It was all in good fun, and made for some co-worker bonding time.
  4. On Friday, four co-workers and I went out to lunch. We should do that more often. It is nice to get out of the office.
  5. Next week, seven of my coworkers will be out of the office, leaving only four of us on Thursday and Friday. So let the shenanigans begin!
  6. On Tuesday, I went with my sister to Mia’s gymnastics class. When I was at their house, Mia gave me this friendship bracelet that she made at daycare. I must say, she did a great job! Her preschool teacher asked her who her friendship bracelet was going to be for, and she said, “Auntie Kate!” When she got home, my sister raved about it and asked who it was for, and she said, “Auntie Kate, or …maybe mama, or maybe papa.” My sister then said, “Mia, you can give it to anyone you want. Who do you think will like it the most?” To which Mia said again, “Auntie Kate!!” So I was the lucky one to get this beautiful work of art.
  7. On Saturday, I was invited to attend the wedding from an old friend of high school. At the wedding, it was like a mini high school reunion. It was fun to see some old friends again.
  8. Sleeping in or.. ya know, just sleeping. While Jak has been organizing his cards this week, I have been catching some extra zzz’s on the couch. I am sure me being tired really means I should be working out more, but a lazy-ish weekend is always nice too.
  9. We celebrated my dad’s birthday today so that means I got to spend some time with my family and my nieces and nephews. Hard to believe in just a month and a half there will be a 5th one! These kids certainly keep me busy.
  10. An increasing desire to use my creative side. I have been on a bit of a painting and creative writing hiatus, but the urge is reaching the surface again. Things that help are: my M&M art and creative work projects this week. When I am able to use my creative side at work, it inspires me to want to use it more in my personal life again. Hoping the motivation to do so will surge soon as well.

What are you thankful for this week? What do you do to get motivated to work on something?

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10 comments on “Ten Things of Thankful – Week Fourteen
  1. I love that you and your co-workers pranked your bosses! I hope next week, you will let us know the reaction. I’m going to guess the seven who are going out of town next week are just a little nervous now!

    That bracelet is a beaut! So sweet of your niece to think about her Auntie!

    Glad you had fun at the wedding and seeing old high school friends. I love keeping in touch with friends from high school (and it’s been a long, LONG time since I was there!).

    Have a wonderful week, Kate!

    • kborman says:

      One of the pranks was that we filled up our finance director’s office with 140 balloons. I guess when he got there this morning, he opened his door and then closed it and walked away. He was less excited about his prank.

      The other two loved their pranks. We went a bit more gentle on them.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Kristi says:

    What a sweet bracelet. I’m sure you wear it with pride.

    Friends, family, co-workers, and creativity–what a fun week you’ve had!

  3. That bracelet is gorgeous, and the meaning – that level of care and thought from your niece, makes it so much more special 🙂 Lovely.

    Glad you’ve had such a good week, and hope you feel better soon – kick that bad weather out!

    Glad you and Jak are spending so much nourishing time in each other’s company.

    I DEFINITELY want to hear more about the pranks 😀 Were they well received?

    Enjoy the surge of motivation to get motivated and be creative 😀

    • kborman says:

      Yes, I was impressed how much attention and detail that she not only put into making the bracelet, but the thought involved in who she wanted to give it to. She is only three years old after all. So precious.

      I will have to share some images of the pranks we pulled. I didn’t want to post them in case they caught wind of them through the internets.

      Yeah, hopefully the motivation comes sooner than later. 🙂

  4. christine says:

    Aw, sweet Mia making a bracelet for you.
    I love that you all pranked your bosses. I enjoy a good prank!
    And seeing that photo made me realize I don’t even know what you look like. Which one is you? Glad you had fun visiting all your high school friends.

  5. Jak says:

    I’m sure my grandma missed you (us) too! We will have to catch up on our show Monday.

    I really like that bracelet Mia made for you, it’s done so well. I could never craft something and have it turn out to nice. I like that he stuck to her guns and gave it to who she originally intended to give it to 😉 I still think the partisans between parents and the gymnastics was odd… and creepy…

    I hope you all got your work done before pulling all the shenanigans! It’s a shame the balloon one didn’t receive much positive feedback. A lot of time and effort went into that one…

    Glad the wedding was fun, sounds like everyone had a good time.

    I could organize my cards for ages! I just found boxes that haven’t been properly sifted through and arranged. Fun!

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

    • kborman says:

      We will have to have plenty of catch up time with grams.

      Love the bracelet too, and love Mia. She is my mini-me!

      At some point the organizing needs to shift stages though! The profitable ones!

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