Ten Things of Thankful – Week Twelve

This week had more lows than highs, but I know it is always good for me to reflect on the good. So even though this week may be hard, I will try my best to stay positive.


  1. This week at work, I had a successful meeting with our associate director. Seeing as though I have been feeling a bit stuck at work these past few months, she has taken it upon herself to be my mentor. We had a very good meeting, with some new tasks and ways that I can be more engaged at work.
  2. Also along work conversations track, the associate director spoke with my boss and in turn she identified a project on helping her to develop Logic Models. This I know nothing about so it will be fun to learn something new!
  3. I am also going to be taking an online course starting Oct 16th. It is called the Fundamentals of Project Management. If I pass this online course, they will issue me a certificate saying that I took this course. These things are always nice resume padders.
  4. I got to see two my closest friends on Tuesday. We met for happy hour dinner, in which we got three appetizers and five beers (total — geez you guys) for $28. Score! After that we went shoe shopping and I bought a brand new pair of flats. They were a bit pricier than I normally pay for flats, but I had a birthday gift card and coupon, so I decided to splurge a little. I plan to take very good care of them!
  5. Erica and I had dinner on Wednesday night at a fun cafe near my work. We paid $19 for $47 worth of food and drink. I love coupon food deals!
  6. My favorite shows resumed their seasons this week. Better yet? Grey’s Anatomy had a two hour premier. It was quite good.
  7. I babysat my niece Mia and my nephew David Friday night. I was having a particularly bad night so it was helpful to receive the love of my munchkins.
  8. I am also very thankful that my friend Erica stopped by to help me that night. I was not doing well, so while I tended to baby David’s needs, she played with Mia. And then she listened as I poured my heart out. She is my person — who I can tell all my fears, worries, lows, faults, negatives, mistakes etc to and she doesn’t judge me. She just wants what is best for me and loves me regardless.
  9. Crooks. Ya know, I have never been a cat person, but this cat has won my heart. I love his cuddles and nuzzles. And with all that cat, what’s not to love? (He doesn’t like it when we talk about his size, so be nice.) And I love that he seems to miss me on nights I am not there — he is extra cuddly the next night. IMAG0965
  10. My boyfriend Jak. He shows me what true unconditional loves looks like and gives an example to live by every day. And for that, I am thankful to the edges of my heart and mind.

Do you know anything about logic models? Has there been a pet that won your heart when you never expected him/her to?

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12 comments on “Ten Things of Thankful – Week Twelve
  1. skipcote says:

    So funny at the end that you should ask about logic models because I was going to ask you what the heck are those? I hope your week gets better …it doesn’t sound like it’s for lack of trying. Keep going at it it’s bound to get better!

  2. Aw. Love this! So much. And it seems like you and Jak are doing really wonderful things together (fingers crossed because EEEP ADORABLE and awesome says me the 45 year old mama)…congrats on the job stuff too! Most excellent!

  3. Kate this is a great list, and particularly well-done as you weren’t feeling in the mood to write it. I love how you’ve found some absolutely smashing things to add to it.

    Glad you’ve got your ‘person’ and were able to spend some really good, quality time with her.

    SO glad you’ve got your niece and nephew – they sound adorable.

    And glad you have Jak 🙂

  4. christine says:

    I’m glad work things are taking a turn for the better. It’s good to learn new things and keep the cobwebs out of the brain.
    Time with good friends always seems to improve my mood. Sounds like you had some quality friend time, with affordable food and drink to boot!
    Yes, that Crooks seems to be a “big-boned” ball of lovely.
    Hope the coming week is better…

    • kborman says:

      Yes! Cobwebs in the brain are particularly terrible to have, especially when I spend so much time at work every week.

      He is a “big-boned” ball of lovely. Thankfully, now he listens a lot better when I tell him to lay down rather than sinking his paws into my stomach when he wants to cuddle. Otherwise his big bones tend to cause unwanted pings of pain. 🙂

  5. Kristi says:

    Logic models? Not a clue. Surprising pets? Well, I’ve learned that rats do make surprisingly good pets. My daughter has had two, and they are fairly easy-going creatures. I’m not really a cat person, either, but my oldest daughter’s hairless cat is wonderful. Her appearance (the cat’s, not the daughter’s) is quite strange, but her dog-like personality makes up for it.

    • kborman says:

      Rats, eh? It’s amazing what those cats can do to us non-cat lovers. I always grew up with dogs.

      Well once I learn about logic models, maybe I can share my knowledge with the rest of you!

  6. How fortunate you are to have the associate director take you under her wing and mentor you! Sounds like a great opportunity for you.

    Saving money is COMPLETELY AWESOME.

    And I gotta say, folks need to stop making fun of how fat MY cat is, because Crooks, there, is no lightweight! (My husband was not a cat person when we met, even mildly allergic, but I told him I had the cats before him and he’d have to get allergy shots or something, because I wasn’t getting rid of them. And he got used to them, lost the allergy in a few months, and is the biggest softie EVER about them now.)

    I’m happy that you and Jak are so happy. I’ve really enjoyed “watching” the two of you develop your relationship.

    Hope this week is wonderful for you!

    • kborman says:

      II am very fortunate to have a new mentor at work. I look forward to what she can teach me.

      I am allergic to cats too, but Crooks mildly. I remember the first day I was over… I was like, we will see how bad I get. It’s funny, some cats barely bother me and others, I can’t be in their presence for more than an hour, even with meds.

      But Crooks barely bothered me! Which is good because I know Jak would have had the same theory. 😉

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