Ten Things of Thankful – Week Eight

Alright, rolling in at the last moment! One of these weekends,  I won’t be so late.


  1. I finally paid of the woman I hit. It was a nervous situation for me, mostly because I wanted to be done with it all. She was nice, as she always been (regardless of her inconsistent communication). I paid her the money to fix her car, and she signed off an agreement saying she would not make a claim to my insurance. And for that, I am thankful.
  2. This week I had an easy and short work week.
  3. As a part of the short and easy work week, we had an annual “Allies” work picnic in which we meet up with colleagues from other nonprofits whom do similar work. It is fun to get together with these folks every summer over a BBQ and lawn games. And then my work day ended early and I got to go hang out with Jak way sooner than normal.
  4. My work decided to go to the Minnesota State Fair together. We went on an extremely hot day — 91 degrees F with a 70+% humidity. But it was fun to get out of the office and do something non-work related together.
  5. I got Friday off of work! While my Friday was not spent in a manner that I wish it would have been spent, it at least was a day in which I was able to sleep in and not go into the office.
  6. My re-discovery of French Silk Pie Blizzard from Dairy Queen. OMG nummy. In fact there is one sitting right next to me waiting for me to finish this post quickly.
  7. A wedding! A good friend of mine got married this weekend and I got to partake in the festivities. Her theme was Mardi Gras because she went to school in New Orleans. I loved how relaxed and fun her wedding was.
  8. Brunch with my parents today. We went to a cafe near their house that has amazing pancakes and bacon. And then I got to spend some time with my folks. I can tell that they miss me when they don’t see me every week.
  9. I finally got started on reading the next book in The Hunger Games trilogy, Catching Fire. It has been on my Kindle to read ever since reading the first one and then seeing the movie. Finally having some time to dive into reading it makes me happy I love getting lost into a book.
  10. Finding out that my roommate is going to score some new furniture for our apartment, a new couch and a loveseat! Part of the reason I don’t read as much anymore is because every time I read in my bed I fall asleep, and nothing hurts worse than dropping a Kindle on your face. (Yes, that has happened more than once.) With some new comfy living room furniture, I look forward to finally being able to cozy up on a couch with my Kindle and a cup of coffee.

What are you thankful for this week?

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8 comments on “Ten Things of Thankful – Week Eight
  1. Kristi says:

    Fair, furniture, Friday off, French Silk Pie Blizzard, . . . I don’t know if the alliteration was intentional, but in any case, your list was fun!

  2. What a relief it must be to have that car thing paid off! Horrible to have something like that hanging over your head. I LOVE state fairs! If only they weren’t held when it’s so STINKIN’ HOT. Hope you got to enjoy lots of good fair food! And I hear you on that reading in bed with a Kindle (or Nook, as the case may be) and dropping it on your face or chest when you fall asleep!. Not that I do it, too….

    • kborman says:

      State fairs are fun. I ate walleye cakes, and super tasty deep fried pumpkin pie with cinnamon ice cream. My co-workers and I also shared a beer flight and cheese curds.

      I love my Kindle but it sure does hurt a lot more than a book. 😉

  3. A lovely list all the way through! I am a strong believer in morale-boosting, team-building activities at work. When we learn to enjoy and appreciate each other, everything goes more smoothly! As a mom of grown children who live far away, I can tell you how much parents treasure the times they get to spend with their children, no matter how old they are! There will come a day when you look back on those visits fondly and wish you could do it again! I love e-reading too, no book to hold open or pages to turn, but yes, they don’t fall nearly as softly on the face! Enjoy your new furniture and the coming week!

  4. So glad the car thing is sorted. That kinda thing makes me antsy.

    Now what in the WORLD is a French Silk Pie Blizzard? I need a photo of it, or at least a description.

    And Kindle *sigh* get thysel’ back to good old-fashioned BOOKS! They are sensual things – the weight, the texture of the cover, the paper, the different fonts used, the smell of the paper and ink, the shiny pages where photos are, the ability to lovingly fold over a corner (sacrilege!) to keep your place…why would anyone ever want to replace this with a cold, unloving gadget!?!

    That said, your week sounds like it’s been gorgeous, and I’m glad you got the chance to rest and have fun with your colleagues.

    Congrats on winning this week’s Last One In award 🙂

    • kborman says:

      The car things was making me so antsy too. It is a terrible thing to have hang over your head, and costly too, to always be sure to save that money for when the time came.

      Oh trust me, I still read real books too, but it is a lot easier to carry 10 books on a Kindle than it is to carry ten actual books around.

      Technically I was overdue, but since it stays open for Pacific time, Jak insisted I still post. So I did. 🙂

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