Ten Things of Thankful – Week Six

Even though this week deemed no less uneventful, I made great strides to get my life on a much more healthy track.

So that brings us to….


  1. A random visit from my mom. Turns out seeing her was exactly what I needed. A mother’s hug and touch helped me forge ahead on an important task. Which brings me to #2.
  2. That I had the courage to follow through with writing a very important letter, which meant putting a person in my past. This is never something easy to do, but I know, it will be best for me long-term. Sometimes you just need to let go. And when you do, while it can be hard, it is amazing the weight that is lifted off your shoulders.
  3. The support from my friend Sarah. Another happy hour this week, followed by her helpful advice and endless support, came through over and over.
  4. While the outcome is going to mean my bank account will suffer, I finally heard from the lady I was in a fender bender with over a month ago. She got her car fixed, and it appears to be a reasonable price and has agreed to just let me pay for the damage. That will save me from running it through insurance and upping my insurance premium. And hopefully, once we are able to coordinate, we can finally put this behind us.
  5. When my headlight went out this week, it meant only a text to my brother in law to get it fixed. He comes through with car issues over and over again!
  6. This video message that I got from my sister and Mia this week. It was exactly what I needed to make me smile.
  7. That I experimented and cooked this amazing meal. Cheese and spinach ravioli (store bought) with homemade turkey meatballs and homemade sauce. This is definitely one I will have to repeat.
    Photo: Nom nom. Spinach and cheese ravioli with homemade turkey meatballs and homemade sauce. #nofilter
  8. That my boss is on vacation for two weeks. I have plenty of work to do while she is gone, but it is still kinda nice to do things at my own pace.
  9. A weekend of relaxation and much needed quality time with a friend. We even tried two new restaurants together. Nothing beats good food and good company.
  10. Living with a baker and all of this glory. It is a three layer salted caramel to chocolate ombré rose cake. I just came home not too long ago and enjoyed a slice of this heaven. It is taking serious control to not go back in for more!
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12 comments on “Ten Things of Thankful – Week Six
  1. Homemade meatballs and sauce AND chocolate cake (a beautiful one at that)? Ahhh!

    #2 had to have been very, very difficult. Even when we know it’s an unhealthy relationship, it’s SO HARD to let go of something familiar. Good luck to you!

    • kborman says:

      I have been blessed this week with great food and treats, and they are even better homemade!

      Thank you for your kind words. It will be hard, but thankfully, I have a strong support system.

  2. Kristi says:

    Oh, you must have better self-control than I; that cake looks wonderful!

  3. Jak says:

    Sounds like it was an eventful week for both of us!

    #2 – As Dyanne said it’s never easy. Also, no Backsies (this made sense in my head). We’ve already went over this a handful of times. I believe your support system sounds pretty solid, but hopefully in time you will only have to rely on them on a very minimal level.

    “Build me up, Buttercup…”

    #6 Ha I love her little voice. She misses you!

    #7 I was unaware [at the time] that this was an experiment and I was essentially a Guinea Pig! Though, the experiment was a success thankfully 🙂 Maybe I can add this to my next Thankful List! Crap it already could have been! ACK!

    #8 You know what they say when the cat is away…

    #9 As some dandy fella highlighted elsewhere! Agreed, it was fun trying some new places, but one was definitely a bit better than the other.

    #10 Don’t talk to me…

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

    • kborman says:

      I am going to go in reverse:
      Don’t get all pouty on #10, she already said I can give you a slice or three. Maybe I should go reserve that right now?

      #9 You’re alright. Just don’t get all Dirty Sanchez on me.

      #8 I had to go look back at what I wrote. At first I thought the cat reference was in regards to Crooks and why he likes to leave the room…

      #7 Well, I know I would’ve eaten it regardless if it turned out because I hate to waste. But pasta is hard to screw up.

      #6 I love her so much. I can’t wait for you to meet her someday.

      #2 No backsies, I pinky swear. Just have a little faith in me.

  4. christine says:

    That little girl is precious! So nice of your sister to record and send it.
    It’s getting a little weird but fun to read about the same things on two lists. I would like to go to the Flameburger one, please. 🙂
    Glad you will be able to take care of the fender bender without too much trouble. I’ve had to do that before. It isn’t any fun waiting, having no control over what the other person chooses to do.
    Oh, the cake. I love a chocolate cake. And that one is so pretty!

    • kborman says:

      Isn’t she adorable? If I don’t see her weekly, she starts to make up stories about me. Last week my sister says she kept telling her that I loved her. Which I do, she was correct.

      Yes, fender benders are a pain. And even more so, two in a year makes a headache. I had an impeccable record for 12+ years and now two in one year is a doozy.

      The cake is delicious indeed! My roommate is so talented. I can’t wait until she quits her accounting job to become a full-time baker!

  5. wow… inter-list-conversation(ing) …very cool!
    you are so the kind of blogger that will enjoy (and we will enjoy the …creativity) this weekend blog thing…
    I will agree with Christine (I mean I was born at night, but not last night!) on here input.. hey! there’s an idea! (for this time next year) there should be a video hookup cookout..or something.
    sorry, mind is being dragged into the work day (yes, Hendrix did play Monday morning at Woodstock) no, no comparison intended between this comment and Jimi Hendrix*

    *other than the time of day!

  6. Glad you have wonderful people around you, and that they’ve been able to cheer you up and encourage you on.

    Consigning someone to The Past is never easy, but sometimes necessary. Glad you got it done.

    And what a relief that the lady is happy to let you just repair the damage! Things of Thankful indeed!

    • kborman says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by! I tried to get it in this week, but the link was closed off a bit early for us US folks. I mean, I was cutting it close to the wire, with like 8 minutes to spare, but was trying!

      I really hope you enjoyed your vacation!

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