Ten Things of Thankful – Week 5

This week was a doozy. One of those weeks where you are pretty sure you went to hell and came back. Having those experiences, do test your strength and willpower, and inevitably, make you a stronger person. But while you are in the midst of it, it is hard to see beyond the lows, doubt and self-weakness.

So that brings me to this weekly task. I truly believe this weekly blog hop is a blessing in disguise.

050fc-tenthingsbannerHere we go:

  1. Finding my own strength to say goodbye. And having an intense desire to live a completely truthful life.
  2. Understanding myself enough to know that I need help to do the first. Oftentimes, it is really hard for me to admit that I need help. But this time around, I want to make the right changes so that this decision is permanent.
  3. A realization that I need to build/work on my own self-love and value. So that when temptation strikes again, that I can say with authority that I love myself just the way I am. I have some work to do, but I am ready to start the process.
  4. Music and the powerful connection it creates for me. See this week’s inspiration here.
  5. Date nights. In the midst of a rough week or so, I have had 3 dates to help lighten the mood and spend time with someone I care immensely for. I think these dates have helped the both of us.
  6. A bachelorette party! Another good friend is getting married at the end of the month. This weekend was her bachelorette party. And despite a really emotional week, I was able to put most of those emotions aside and really enjoy myself. Besides when having such issues, it is really nice to have a couple of girl nights out.
  7. I am thankful I am low maintenance, especially in regards to my ability to live out of a suitcase and being able to sleep just about anywhere. This week I have slept a total of 5 hours in my own bed, and until today, hasn’t been much of an issue. If I am tired, I will sleep anywhere. And I do not require a lot of space or items to live off of.
  8. Finally having some home time. I love spending time with my loved ones and friends, but I need my alone home time to rejuvenate. So this evening has been just that.
  9. My niece and nephew. I got to see them on Thursday and their smiles and smooches are priceless.
  10. My friend’s cat. It has taken some time for this particular cat to warm up to me, and perhaps has taken longer for him to warm up to me than it usually takes him with others. But you see, until more recently, I haven’t been much of a cat person. I was always afraid of them as a kid, and not fond until my friends have had some fat, cuddly cats in recent years. Well, now said cat and I have a relationship in which he cuddles on my chest at night and when he does, he nuzzles his head under my chin. It is pretty freaking adorable, and mutually fits our level of comfort with each other.
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8 comments on “Ten Things of Thankful – Week 5
  1. i’m packing a suitcase for Brady and me on our next family vacation. we’ll probably end up sleeping anywhere too since we.don’t.have.any.kids. but we’re okay with that since we camp around our own home anyway. not sure when we last slept on our bed.

    • kborman says:

      It is nice to know if needed, we can pack the essentials we need to live off of. I am also a huge fan of wearing clothes 2-3 times before i wash them (sans underwear) so that helps immensely!

      A tip? If on vacation, bring underwear/socks that are ready to retire. That way you can just wear and throw them away. Gives you a little extra room and lighter load as the trip continues. 🙂

  2. Jak says:

    Sorry it’s been such a rough week! It sounds like things are on the mend, though? Taking care of some personal business and being able to enjoy some fun times with good friends.

    Hopefully the date nights have worked some magic for you 🙂 I know getting lei’d at a bachelorette party never hurts!

    I’ve never minded “living out of a bag”, but my specific job would dictate I remain home more often than not. As for same clothes for multiple days? Pants maybe (since I don’t wear them whenever an opportunity to shed them), but other clothing I’m uncertain. Plus I love my daily showers which can make things like camping a pain heh

    Sometimes cats just need some time to warm up to others^^

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

    • kborman says:

      I say things are on the up and mend, yes. And date nights certainly do help…with several magical moments!

      Pants I will wear a couple of times. and some shirts. It helps I am typically more cold than hot, so I don’t really sweat that much, unless getting my workout on.

      I think many pets take time to warm up to some people. But it is awesome when they do….and usually makes me want a pet of my own. But considering i am not home that often, it is probably better that I mooch off of friends’ pets for the time being.

  3. Sounds like you’ve had a really rough week! I’m glad you found the exercise of doing this a profitable one, but I truly hope that life lets up for you soon, so that your Ten Things don’t feel like ‘Ten tips of some very large and scary icebergs’ *hugs*

    Thank you for joining in in spite of your week.

    • kborman says:

      It would be nice to not be swimming through rain puddles, but am looking very much forward to a new year — age wise. With my birthday in a month, I look forward to kicking this year in the rear-end and bringing on the new one.

  4. christine says:

    While you and I both had rough weeks, you did a much better job using this thankful list to get through/over it. Sounds like some big changes for you on the horizon. Good luck. Visits with nieces and nephews and friends’ cats will help, I’m sure.

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