Ten Things of Thankful – Week 3

I am super late on this post — it was a crazy, crazy weekend — and without a computer handy. So I will just cut to the chase.


  1. I am thankful for the wedding I was the Maid of Honor in this past weekend is over and the wedding was beautiful. For those who know me, know that this wedding has caused a lot of stress, tension and financial worries — so I am glad that everything went smoothly and that the bride and groom were happy.
  2. That true love still makes me tear up. During all the events leading up to the wedding, including the rehearsal, I was like – oh guys, I won’t cry. But sure enough, I cried 3+ during the ceremony: when my best friend was walking down the aisle because she looked that beautiful and her cousins were singing my favorite love song, when her fiance/husband read his vows to her, when she read her vows to him and when they were planting their unity tree and her cousins were singing again. Yep, I was one big mush ball. True love exists and gives me hope that someday I will experience a similar event.
  3. That my speech went well. I made Ali cry (the bride), her mom cry, AND even her brother cry. I also received many, many compliments about my speech. As a writer, that makes me feel good and thankful that I am able to communicate what I want to say in words.
  4. That all of my car work was covered under warranty. Replacing a head gasket could have easily cost me $1200-2500, simply money I don’t have. While there still have been hassles with this fix, I am thankful it doesn’t come from my own pocket.
  5. For Jak and his willingness to chauffeur me around Sunday and Monday when I had no car, for his awesome company and his willingness to stick by my side through tough conversations.  I couldn’t ask for a better friend, truly.
  6. That my dear friend Erica is back home. She was taking a month long vacation to Guatemala and I have missed her while she was away. We have plenty of girl talk to catch up on, and no one listens and relates as well as she can. It has been one busy, stressful month.
  7. That my jaw/gums are healing nicely. Another post-op appointment scheduled for two months down the road and at that time we can resume conversations about scheduling an implant.
  8. That the oral surgeon and other doctors haven’t billed me yet. It has allowed me to catch up on some other bills and expenses of this past weekend. It will be a price tag shocker when they do show up, but I will deal with that when the time comes.
  9. That it is August in just a few short days. July was a whirlwind of events and am thankful it is almost over.
  10. That Jak finally went in to the doctor. I hope that they will get to the bottom of what is causing his extreme fatigue.

What are you thankful for this week? 

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