Ten Things of Thankful – Week 2 (for me)

While I came on board on week six of Ten Things of Thankful, for me, I am only on week two. So I will be numbering my weeks as it pertains to my weeks.

It was another crazy week, including more car trouble and being jerked around my shady car repair guys, more weird work conversations and being a key witness in a work theft incident. I imagine eventually these odd/bad occurrences will begin to diminish… but as of now, they seem to be lingering. Fun! But again, let’s focus on the good, not the bad.


  1. I finally, *finally* resolved a long battle with my birth control being covered by my health insurance. Thanks to the passing of Obamacare, as of January 1, birth control was deemed as a preventative service/prescription and therefore, should be covered 100% by health insurance. I have been fighting this battle since January 1. Turns out, the reason why my health insurance was declining the bill, was because my Planned Parenthood clinic was only prescribing me a non-formulary drug, aka a brand name drug that wasn’t covered. But every time I asked my clinic to resubmit and to talk to my insurance, yet somehow it wasn’t working, ever. They were talking to each other but only with each other’s best interest in mind. Not in the best interest of the patient. It finally took me talking on the phone with both a billing office rep and the health insurance rep to get to the bottom of it and Β ask the doctor to submit a exception/pre-authorization. And from that point, they realized they could have fixed this if they instead gave me a prescription to fill at a pharmacy rather than just giving me the pill at the clinic. Picked up my prescription – bingo, paid for.
  2. My persistence on the above situation. I learned to be an advocate for myself, and while it is frustrating and overwhelming, I was determined to get to the bottom of it. I knew I had rights as a patient and I knew I wasn’t getting the treatment I deserved. I was tired of being talked down to and having jargon thrown at me. I took matters into my own hands.
  3. It is day 8, and it seems the result of the car accident from last Friday is that the lady doesn’t seem to be making a claim on my insurance. I had an accident last fall, so another bumper tap would sky-rocket my insurance. I am thinking her window of opportunity is slowly going away, and for that, I am thankful.
  4. My brother-in-law. So you know that quick reference to car troubles? Well this week, I went in to fix a recalled part on my car, in which they discovered my car was leaking oil. When I was in, they said I was still under warranty, to which I asked when it expired because I know I was close. The general service manager said, “Oh it just expired a day or two ago.” And then encouraged me to make an appointment next week to come in. I told my brother-in-law and he told me to challenge that.. that it was within a week of warranty and I was way under the mileage. He made a few calls (he used to work in the company) and I called the dealership back to schedule a diagnostic appointment. When I was talking to the service rep, she told me my warranty actually expired on the day I was in. The service manager guy lied to me and encouraged me to come back the next week to get service done — probably so that I couldn’t challenge the case, another week window gone. I told my brother-in-law, and he made more calls, including the head honcho for the company. Let’s just say, come Monday I should be taken care of… and if not? I will be my own advocate and maybe talk to my brother-in-law again. πŸ™‚
  5. My niece Mia. After another crazy week, I was in dosage of my normalcy where crazy only meant my three year old niece. She always puts a smile on my face, and quickly lets me know I am loved. At one point, she even laid her head on my lap and then crawled up to share a snack. Who can not smile at that love?Mia
  6. Seeing Urinetown for free this week! It was basically $60-70 entertainment for free (two tickets). I am so glad Jak could join me, and we hope to work on a review tomorrow for y’all.
  7. Learning opportunities. I am geeking it out this week with a bunch of Drupal developers (website developers). While I am in the gender minority and a lot of the topics are over my head, every session has covered some essential basics that I can go explore more on my own.
  8. The cooler weather that rolled in today. We are just coming off a heatwave in Minnesota. Imagine that, summer in July? Anyways, having an apartment with no AC with temps in the 90s with a heat index of 100, I gladly welcome temperatures in the 70s – 80s today. I can sleep with a few more articles of clothing now.
    Mostly Cloudy
  9. Fans. For the week of heat, I am personally thankful for fans. Ceiling fans, and oscillating fans — praise to the fans!
  10. Going to my parents house and finding lots and lots of ice cream treats in their freezer. Since last Saturday, I have eaten Coconut Explosion Ice Cream, Mint Moose Tracks Ice Cream and Mint Klondike Bar. Oh and cake. I benefited from cupcakes and Tiramisu cake this week. All of which I Β do not buy for myself (for a reason!) and therefore did not have to pay for. Muahahaha. (Thank you to all those who contributed to this last one!)

And there is my list!

What are you thankful for this week?

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13 comments on “Ten Things of Thankful – Week 2 (for me)
  1. Kristi says:

    Thanks for linking up! Learning to be your own advocate is a great skill not only for medical issues and car problems but for a whole slew of things. How empowering!

    • kborman says:

      I certainly feel like these circumstances to become my own advocate make me like an official adult. (Not like i haven’t been official, but when you can stand your own and OWN it, well I think you have hit a new level).

  2. Sounds as though your brother-in-law has your back – it’s great to have a family who help each other out. That’s awesome. I hope that things go well with the car and that your bills don’t amount to too much.

    Loved the pic of your niece – she looks so serious!

    Thanks for linking up with us πŸ™‚

    • kborman says:

      Thanks for your comments. I am super thankful for my brother in law. He always has my back, but especially when it pertains to anything cars related. A good business to know someone in!

      And it is no wonder that my adorable niece is his daughter. Such a great family through and through!

      • Lizzi Rogers says:

        It’s all about the networking alright πŸ™‚

        You’re very blessed to have such a wonderful family. Even nicer that you know it and appreciate them publicly πŸ™‚ I like that.

  3. Yep I said, “Urinetown???” I think most of the country had a weather break today. We had a breeze, upper 80’s and low humidity. We actually sat outside and ate frozen yogurt at TCBY.

    • kborman says:

      Thank goodness for those weather breaks! They really are a breath of fresh air!

      If the musical makes it to near you, I highly recommend seeing it. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. You have to be your own advocate for health care and insurance. It’s so complicated that something is BOUND to go wrong somewhere. (It is doubly important that you have someone stay with you if you are ever hospitalized to be your advocate there.) Glad your vigilance paid off!

    And I think everyone should have someone they can go to with some knowledge of cars before you go to the repair shop. If you walk in there armed with a little knowledge of what needs to be taken care of, I think they are less likely to try to pull one over on you. Can I borrow your brother-in-law some time? πŸ™‚

    My parents have all kinds of yummy ice cream treats in their freezer now that I’m grown and gone. We NEVER had stuff like that when I was a kid! I think they were just waiting for us to leave home so they didn’t have to share it with us! Empty nest? Yes. Empty freezer? Nope.

    • kborman says:

      I wish friends/family with great skill sets were borrowable/rentable! He. himself, is a car salesman so he knows the dirty tricks shops make. He also used to work in car insurance. A handy person to have around, for sure!

      Totally agree with empty nest but not an empty freezer. So funny! Thanks for stopping by. πŸ™‚

  5. Yay for ice cream treats, free musicals, going with Jak, your brother in law helping you with your car and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the woman doesn’t ding your insurance! Great list.

  6. Jak says:

    *Sneaks in and makes way to front of the room*


    *confused look*

    What do you mean? I’ve been here the ENTIRE time! No one even noticed 😦

    I’m really glad you got that insurance (both situations) taken care of. I know it was causing a lot of frustration for a good while. It’s really awesome it panned out, though. Even that lady not calling in the accident is a blessing. What’s her window anyway? 2 weeks? I’ve no clue.

    You know my feelings about the car shop lol They got off easy in my opinion, but I really hope the head honcho really laid into him and the discipline is severe. That is just wrong, and to think of how many people he (they) may actually lie to and screw over? Inconceivable!

    Urinetown was awesome, but I really have no idea how to handle a review. It’s the first play I’ve been to in years (almost ever). I wish I had that webcam and mic for podcasting/vlogging. I do like the idea of discussing it and transcribing it, but the longer the wait the more I forget the “moment” of it all. Already a week now. We will have to see it again!

    Your fan is tiny, and you need AC!

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

    • kborman says:

      I feel like I should break out into this song…http://youtu.be/0kxpP_gQldc?t=53s

      Yes, insurance woes…. be gone! I think I am mostly safe…. minus a few possible insurance claims to handle with this whole tooth situation once the bills start to roll in. But by now, I feel like a pro!

      Hmm… true. It probably would be best if we saw the show again to really do a review.

      My fan is perfectly fine. Jak, it is not about the size — it is about the motion of the ocean.

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