Grandpa’s lap

Day 31, Friday: A vivid memory.

Wow, we are on the final day! While there have been a couple of posts that have us reflect on the past, I have been holding onto this memory for this post.

As much as I would love to say that it is vivid, I am afraid as I age, the details become hazier. But my hopes with this post will help keep the details alive longer.

You see, this is the only memory I have of my grandfather. Actually it is the only memory I have of either of my grandfathers. My mom’s dad died before she was even married. My dad’s dad, Grandpa Myron, died when I was three.

I was three and at grandma and grandpa’s house. Grandma was in the kitchen. Cousin Claire was playing in the sandbox in the yard. The sun was shining through the curtains, providing the only light beaming across the living room hard wood floors. My grandpa was sitting in the rocking chair and I was sitting on his lap. And he rocked me. His lap was warm as the sun hit us. His big hands on the arm rests. He was wearing a plaid shirt. I recall my dad walking into the room. I could hear grandma moving pans in the kitchen, talking to my mom.

That’s it. That is all I have.

My parents have told me other memories. One that I wish I could remember, but instead I created my own memory through their stories. They said when my grandpa was dying in the hospital, I sat on the edge of his bed and sang “You Are My Sunshine” to him. I don’t remember that, but every day I wish I did.

If you are my family and you remember the details differently than I do. Please don’t ruin it for me. Let my mind hold onto these details I have.

If there is any sort of loss that I feel like I have had, it has certainly been the lack of special memories you are supposed to have with family. My grandparents died when I was young: before I was born, 3, 6, and 16. My godfather died when I was 12. Other relatives as well.

So I look at my nieces and nephews and I smile at all the wonderful memories they are able to have, and I hope they hold onto them and cherish them forever.

What is one of your favorite memories? Do you also have a memory that you try your best to hold onto, in fear that with age, it will slip?

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2 comments on “Grandpa’s lap
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