Letting go

Day 30, Thursday: React to this term: Letting Go.

Crazy that it is May 30th and this is the second to last post for this challenge. I am happy to see it done, but am glad I did it. It gave me a creative outlet during a VERY busy and stressful work month. Some of her prompts have been all over the place, a bit bi-polar with some real highs and lows. But …

Onto the prompt.

Letting go.

To me letting go is about the individual journey. A point in which a person accepts the situation they are in in order to move on and grow into someone better. Letting go is often associated with loss: loss of a loved one, breaking up, or a personal set back. But I like to see “letting go” as the beautiful process in which we embrace the state we are in, letting go of the past in hopes that we have a brighter future. It is living in the present.

What does letting go mean to you? 

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