Silly school…

Day 23, Thursday: Things you’ve learned that school won’t teach you.

Hmm this could easily be a long post. Let’s see what I come up with!

  1. School never teaches you that school may not be the best option for everyone. Especially in regards to higher education. It seems to be what everyone strives for, but thankfully I came from a household where my mother received a four year bachelors degree and my dad went to trade school later in life. I knew my parents would have supported me either way (and I think deep down, my dad was rooting for another plumber in the family!) I went to get a bachelor’s degree, but sometimes when I look at how much I still owe in student loan debt, I question if it was the right choice. Turns out it was the right one for me, especially in regards to the experience, but it isn’t for everyone. But why would school teach against its grain?
  2. You can, and likely will, fall in love more than once. The heart has this amazing capacity to expand and contract. It can be hurt and yet still yearn to feel love again. Number of people I have genuinely fallen in love with? 3. And equally so — the same number of times my heart has truly felt hurt and yet somehow recovered. Number of people I have cared immensely for? Many. And somehow I am still not married to my prince charming. Imagine that!
  3. If you follow your passions…you are following your passions. School always taught that if you follow your passions, some great reward will come your way. Maybe it is money, maybe it is good fortune or luck, maybe it is pure happiness. While passions can create all of those… it is not magical. It takes hard work, determination and sacrifices. Sometimes many sacrifices. I still believe that passions can create great rewards… I just also know it isn’t quite so easy.
  4. Learning about another culture through the complete submersion of travel.. You can read all you want about another culture, but until you experience it firsthand, you will never ever have the same understanding.
  5. The art of vulnerability and courage and compassion. Watch this TED Talk. There are very few people that I feel completely vulnerable to and the ability to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart. I am pretty sure these people know who they are. But this Talk is about being connected to others, that ability to let go who you think you should be in order to be who you are. Both of these things I continue to struggle with and yet strive endlessly for. This is something you learn from living and loving and exposing yourself to other people and allowing yourself to feel a connection with someone. I love making those connections with people, but  sometimes they scare the shit out of me. Because sometimes the best connections aren’t planned and come out of nowhere. Sometimes they can be so overwhelming. But I know I would rather feel those connections than to not, because those connections can literally change your life. There is no way school can teach that.

What have you learned that school cannot teach you or that no textbook could explain?

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2 comments on “Silly school…
  1. Jak says:

    Great post and some awesome life lessons! I was attempting to go a serious route, but that fell to the sidelines really fast. I agree about reading about something paling in comparison to actually experiencing it.

    That is a really good video too.

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

    • kborman says:

      I liked your post though, it made me smile! I am not sure I could be funny in a post like this. I would try.. but I don’t think it would work well. 🙂

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