Finding my place…

As if life wasn’t wild and crazy and chaotic enough, my dear friend Jak at Cryton Chronicles told me he was going to complete another monthly blogging challenge – Blog Every Day in May. At first, I told him no, bad idea. Even tonight I wasn’t convinced, but then I clicked on the link and then I read and then I decided the topics sounded interesting and then his crazy idea didn’t sound… so crazy. Early May will be hard.. but mid-late May should be doable. I like to think that some of my best decisions are made when I spend the least amount of time thinking about it and just act.

So here we go… it’s official, I will attempt to blog every day in May:

“Describe your life in 250 words or less.” Let’s begin…

‘Twas the hottest day of the year; on September 7, 1985 my mother birthed me. I was born exactly on my due date and I was switched at birth. Not forever, hardly long enough to cause too much trouble, but approximately half a day. This lovely way to enter the world will lead my “odd” biography. The youngest of three, I often felt displaced. Not in the sense I was with the wrong family, because doctors confirmed my biological genes, but that I had little in common with my siblings. Always a quiet girl, I gravitated toward things that were different than I. Perhaps it was my inner creativity and thirst for knowledge that developed at a young age. Went to a K-8 Catholic school and was ecstatic to explore a public high school. Left the city to live and attend college in a small Minnesota town. Studied Islam and almost converted in 2010. Maybe it is the INFJ in me, or my B+ blood type, or that I have two baby teeth still. Err scratch that last one — it’s true, but I don’t think that is a contributing factor to my desire to learn. Just another oddity. But my immune system was overly eager to grow up: glasses by 5, mono by 12, shingles at 16, my lack of two molars, and a potent Vitamin D deficiency.

Last week a childhood friend said, “You’re a rarity.” And I have learned to take that as a compliment.

Do you have an interesting birth story?

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2 comments on “Finding my place…
  1. Jak says:

    Are you sure you weren’t switched at birth permanently? 🙂 I’ve a feeling you’ve lead a much more interesting life than I.

    • kborman says:

      You know, that is the ongoing “haha” joke of the family… they like to bring it up at convenient times. 😉

      But considering only 7% of Caucasians have B+ blood and my dad shares that with me, then I think it is safe-ish to say I am in the right place.

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