12 for 2012

As promised, below includes my 12 goals for 2012:

  1. Travel abroad.
    (I know I already have a trip planned, but it counts!)
  2. Spend at least a couple hours each week on me, i.e. accomplishing something on my list.
    (I don’t consider this cheating, it takes effort to be accomplished and research shows that in order for a habit to become routine is by intentionally incorporating it into your lifestyle.)
  3. Complete 3 paintings.
  4. Find a new volunteer opportunity that allows me to grow as a person and give more of myself.
  5. Run the Torchlight 5k in July.
  6. Do some state travel in summer/fall.
  7. Compose seven new poems.
  8. Learn to cook/grill meats well (steak, lamb, goat, duck — something other than chicken!)
  9. Apply to serve on a nonprofit board.
  10. Read 10 new books.
  11. Save more money and reduce my debt.
  12. Make an impact in somebody’s life by having a positive outlook and sharing more smiles and laughs together.

My thought this year was variety, identifying both easy and hard goals from a wide range. I have realized the goals I failed to complete in the past were goals that were too vague without any clear way to measure success. Additionally, I hope the variety helps when I get in stuck in another.

What goals would you like to accomplish this year?

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2 comments on “12 for 2012
  1. Élan says:

    What a very nice list. 🙂 Some of our goals overlap! I’d love to serve on a nonprofit board. I’d also love to volunteer with 2 of my favorite orgs in the twin cities (American Refugee Committee and Center for Victims of Torture).

    Traveling abroad would be great, but I depleted my budget in Malaysia. Where are you going? I’d love to go to Morocco, but I think my next trip will be meeting up with my in-laws in Turkey.

    I’d like to run my first 5k in 2012 but I am new to running so it will be a challenge.

  2. kborman says:

    Thanks! I see our goals do overlap some! Deciding how to dedicate my time outside the office is hard. I suppose board service is volunteering, but the goal is to apply and go through the process, who knows maybe there won’t be the right match in 2012.

    Traveling is a tricky one (especially on a nonprofit work budget) but it is ALWAYS a priority for me, even if it is just state travel. Morocco is a lovely country – was there in 2006. My roommate loves Turkey.

    I am by no means a runner. But I did do two 5ks in 2009. Haven’t run much since.. figured it was time to start again. I am a fair weather runner.

    Good luck on your list!

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