Present – a balance of past and future

So after a reflective weekend, I finally wrote something for me. After I thought about it, I am fairly certain I have not written any poems since graduating college – that is almost two years! There is something about finding your place in the professional world that your personal affairs sometimes take a back seat (I finally started painting again about 2 months ago…)

I know my job security isn’t very sound at this time, but I have realized that a big part of who I am will always be about writing and painting, and no matter what transition my life may be in, I need to hold on to my roots and what makes me happy. Writing and painting will always give me an inner peace – a time of accepted solitude to feel at ease to think and reflect on my life in it’s current status, and more importantly dream about what I want my future to hold.

So here is a token of myself. A small token, but at least a step in the right direction. I hope by summer’s end, I can post pictures of 3 art pieces I am working on.

Present – a balance of past and future

One step forward, two steps back or so the saying goes.
As the sun sets in the west, clouds roll on the eastern bend;
the breeze overwhelmed by gray skies and cool rain.
I get dizzy watching the clock spin, yet 10 years rewind slow.
Where did the time go?

As soon as I catch my breath, I am reminded of my roots.
My shoe wedged in a crack, stuck between a rock and a hard place;
the desire to spring ahead muddled by splinters and steel.
I yearn for change, yet take comfort in what I know.
Where did the time go?

Unconscious thoughts flood my mind with deliberate actions.
Wade in the river ankle deep, my soles slip on the stones;
Hands like branches bend and reach…
Friends come and go, yet faces remain engraved and memories grow.
Where did the time go?


April 24, 2010

Posted in Learning, Life, Passion
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