Hilarious dream last night…

Dream begins like so…

Dad’s side of family was over. It was early spring, right when all the snow was melting & our neighborhood was flooding, including one half of our house. Everyone was in living room, while I was in my parent’s bedroom.

“Dad, the water in your room is up to mid-calf & still rising.”

Dad: “Ok”. I look at him puzzled and walk away.

I return when it is at my knee. “Dad, the water is getting higher. What should we do?”  Uncle Bob says, “Nothing we can do about it!”. This time I leave and head down to my bedroom. I begin to stack items up high and am getting very paranoid.

I return the last time when the water is at my thigh. I see they are now watching The Godfather. “Dad, I don’t think you are doing what we should be doing. It is above my thigh now!” Dad: “Bob is right, nothing we can do about it.” I am super annoyed and frustrated at this point.

The next day I see Claire Fahey & tell her everyone’s reaction. She lives across town. She says: “Our house was flooding tooand nobody cared! Natalie Fehn (our other cousin) complained about her house flooding but the water was only at mid calf! Mine was at my hip! Mid-calf! Can you believe it! Not even worth complaining about!”

The dream ended just as we were ranting to each other about our careless families…

Oh the Borman family! Gotta love them, esp in dreams!

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