Tired of winter driving…

So between carefully manuevering sloshy piles of frozen snow and ice and avoiding potholes the size of craters in the road last night and getting stuck half way up a steep hill this morning, it is official, I am tired of this winter driving.

Today capped it off. Imagine going up a steep hill – that I should have just avoided if I really thought ahead of time (but I was frustrated at a failed attempt to parallel park over a mound of snow and decided to go around the block to re-attempt). Anyways, you are going up a steep and snowy hill when you are 3/4 up and your car decides it doesn’t want to move anymore, so you try to gun the gas pedal and your tires just spin. In the slight second you lift your foot of the gas you feel your car drift backwards even though you are still in drive. Yep. That happened this morning. So there I was… holding the brake for dear life and turning my steering wheel in hopes to turn around and go back down the hill.  Tires spinning and the only way I can go is in reverse into the snowbank behind me.

Then I see a police car with 2 police officers in it go around be and proceed up the hill. Mind you, they are struggling as well – starting stop themselves when the driver turns his car at an angle and guns it up. So I was like, it worked for him, I will give it a shot because I was not going anywhere. I did turn partially – so that now I was stuck sideways on the hill but at least I was no longer sliding backwards. But keywords are stuck sideways. So inch by inch I turn my tires and shuffle between drive and reverse – making very little progress. I then proceed to put my four way flashers on as I see the police car at the top of the hill pausing – they obviously saw me struggling to make it up the hill. They are sitting there for a couple minutes waiting. I had hope they would come and check on me – but nope, after a few minutes they drove off. Seriously? How rude.

At that point, I was pissed. So I try to turn around some more and that is not working so I reluctanly reverse back into original position and slowly try to reverse back down the hill very slowly as to not to speed up. I have my flashers on for any approaching cars and I slowly reverse down the hill and back into the closest driveway/alley way which was probably 30 feet away.  From there I was able to turn around and go down the hill but this episode lasted for about 10 minutes. I tried not to freak out – because what could I do? I was afraid to park my car and get out because 1) I was in the middle of the road and 2) I was sliding backwards when I was in drive. I guess if I was unable to do anything at all, I would have had to call AAA or something.

Anyways – I am tired of winter and all the driving complications it brings with it. I am tired of waking up to more snow and tired of the tense muscles every driving endeavor creates. Most of all – I am tired of my commute to work with people driving ridiculous on the roads. Its been a long time since I have wanted Spring to come so bad. And for future reference, I am going to try to find a job with a shorter commute in August. Either that or move closer to my job location.

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